Realize The Goal

goal of lifeVeronica – Physical reality is quite the obstacle course for many.  An element of awareness is needed to navigate through the denseness.  One can define the experience as being knee deep in mud while attempting to run a foot race.

Fairly frustrating even for the most advanced of souls.  The deeper you sink the more resentful one feels at their predicament.

The dance that begins between linear and soulful perspective can feel overwhelming.  While the choice made to incarnate requires full focus within the reality, it also requires a more spiritual perspective. This support from spirit can alleviate the stress of the incarnate as they move through the life. Continue reading “Realize The Goal”

Sudan: The Mystery Of The African Pharaohs (River Nile Documentary) [Video]

Timeline – David Adams’ journey takes us into a Sudan we rarely see. On the flat waters of the Nile, he hears the creaking of the rigging catching the wind as river-travelers have for thousands of years. While the battlements of ancient fortresses standing on shore are occasional reminders of the region’s violent past, he is able to contemplate that era from the relative peace of the wide river. Continue reading “Sudan: The Mystery Of The African Pharaohs (River Nile Documentary) [Video]”


AntifaAlexandra Bruce – We are living in interesting times. I’ve just uploaded some footage I saw on Twitter to give a picture of what happened yesterday and overnight.

Montgomery County, Maryland executive Marc Elrich announced Phase I re-opening – and was relentlessly heckled.

One wag tweeted, “I love how the weasel Governor Hogan sends someone else to make these announcements. Must be hiding in his basement with Biden.”

Indeed, the need for masks evaporated last night, as Minneapolis’ 3rd District Police Station was invaded and burnt to the ground and Instagram revolutionaries livestreamed their victory. Continue reading “Panic!”

Candace Owens Slams Soros-Funded NGO for Fueling Minneapolis Riots

George SorosNiamh Harris – Republican activist Candace Owens has started a feud with the George Soros-funded NGO Open Society Foundation, after accusing them of fueling the riots in Minneapolis.

The pro- Trump activist accused the group of “throwing money at black Americans to riot” and slammed the organization for spreading hate and dividing America.

“Don’t throw money at black Americans to riot” Owns said in a scathing tweet, adding, “You got what you wanted in Minnesota. Your organization is a disgrace and Soros himself is absolute filth in my book” Continue reading “Candace Owens Slams Soros-Funded NGO for Fueling Minneapolis Riots”

General Flynn Was the Victim of TWO Rotten Deep State Judges

corrupt DC judgesJoe Hoft – Judge Sullivan in the General Flynn case is so conflicted that he clearly should be removed from the case.  If so, he would not be the first judge removed from this case.  The first judge in the General Flynn case, Judge Contreras was removed from the case as well.

Continue reading “General Flynn Was the Victim of TWO Rotten Deep State Judges”