Heyoka — The Most Powerful Type Of Empath

empathHelen Elizabeth WilliamsEmpaths are individuals that can be hard to relate to, but have shared emotion responses with others.

They read into body language and special inflections, gleaning more information than the average person would gloss over.

In the modern world, apathy and sympathy reign supreme, as the average person tries be selective in the information they focus on.

We all have the biological hardware to feel what another person feels but we have to be open to the experience.

The acknowledgement of the feelings of others, requires a special sort of honesty with ourselves. Not everyone has a developed sense of empathy. Continue reading “Heyoka — The Most Powerful Type Of Empath”

How Colleges Indoctrinate Students With Contempt for America [Video]

Dennis PragerJan Jekiele – According to Dennis Prager, what exactly are the “safe spaces” found on college campuses across America today? How have American universities been radicalized? Why are members of the intellectual elite more likely to embrace radical communist ideology? And, is the yearning for freedom actually an innate human desire?

Today we sat down with radio talk show personality Dennis Prager, the founder of Prager University, to discuss the new documentary film “No Safe Spaces.” Directed by Justin Folk, the film features Dennis Prager, Adam Carolla, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Dave Rubin. Continue reading “How Colleges Indoctrinate Students With Contempt for America [Video]”

Black Democrat Lawmaker Goes Off On MSNBC Host When Asked If He’s Being Paid To Support Trump [Video]

Vernon JonesRusty Weiss – Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones fired back hard after MSNBC host Craig Melvin suggested he might be getting paid to support President Trump.

Jones, a Democrat and member of the Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board, was questioned about his backing of the President.

“Are you a paid campaign surrogate? Are you being compensated?” asked Melvin.

Because it’s impossible to be a Democrat or even more so, black, and support this President without some ulterior motive. At least that’s how MSNBC sees it. Continue reading “Black Democrat Lawmaker Goes Off On MSNBC Host When Asked If He’s Being Paid To Support Trump [Video]”

Dem senator arrested — stole healthcare funds

Katrina Robinson

The Horn News – A Democratic senator has been charged with stealing more than $600,000 in federal funds received by a healthcare company she directed and using the money to pay for her wedding and other personal expenses, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

And she’s not the only Democratic lawmaker that’s in legal trouble.

A criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday charges Tennessee state Sen. Katrina Robinson with theft and embezzlement involving government programs and wire fraud, U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant said in a news release.

Robinson, a Democrat elected to the General Assembly in 2018 from a Memphis district, is also the director of The Healthcare Institute, which provides training for jobs in the health care field, prosecutors said.

The Memphis-based school received more than $2.2 million in federal grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Continue reading “Dem senator arrested — stole healthcare funds”

Jews Need to Jexit from Democrat-Left Racist Poison

jexitHoward Sachs – I am a proud American.  I am also Jewish, and equally proud.  I’m particularly proud that Judaism gifted to the world the first anti-racist notion when it said all men are created in the image of God.  Black lives indeed matter to me as a true liberal (now called a conservative Republican).  They matter, as all lives matter in their essential humanness.  That means they matter deeply because each of us, from conception to death, is imbued with the spirit of God.

It also means that humans matter especially based on their humanness, their character, behavior, virtues, and values.  The essence of their being is not material.  It is certainly not the concentration of skin pigment, of oxidized tyrosine in their dermal cells.  Nor does the essence of their humanity come from hair texture, genital makeup, height, strength, portfolio size, where their grandpas immigrated from, shoe size, or their body mass indices. Continue reading “Jews Need to Jexit from Democrat-Left Racist Poison”