What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

mindPaul Lenda – Your mind is like a garden. Flowers won’t bloom if you feed it mental poison. What are you feeding your mind?

All sensory input we receive affects us, from major to minor ways. Everything from the music we listen to, to the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, it all affects us in more profound ways than we sometimes realize.

This is because everything has its own vibrational energy structure. If you are interacting with, engaging with, or exposed to something, you can bet it is affecting you either positively or negatively. You can also say that it is also either strengthening or weakening your energy field. Remember the basic principle of Reality: everything affects everything. Continue reading “What Are You Feeding Your Mind?”

Waving Or Drowning?

1 September – Mercury trine Pluto
1 September – Venus square Eris
2 September – Full Moon 10° Pisces
3 September – Mercury trine Saturn
4 September – Venus square Mars
4 September – Mercury square Galactic Centre
5 September – Mercury into Libra on Super Galactic Centre
6 September – Sun square Great Attractor
6 September – Venus into Leo

mercury going retrograde

Lorna Bevan – This is another week with the potential for cross currents, crossed wires and confusion. It’s worth remembering that being confused is the best state for learning simply because your fixed beliefs lose their hypnotic hold over you and free you to “believe six different things before breakfast” (Alice in Wonderland). And anything that gives you a new perspective on an old stuck way of being and behaving is liberating. Notice what is opening up when so much is closing down

Wednesday’s Pisces Full Moon is widely conjunct far seeing Neptune, sextile both Jupiter and Uranus. This is a metaphor for future gazing, for visionary ideas and possibilities – capture those insights and light bulb moments in photographs, art or mind mapping before they fly by. With the Sun in Virgo in a beautiful Grand Earth Trine to Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, ground your intuitions into something expressive and tangible. Continue reading “Waving Or Drowning?”

Thousands Gather In London To Protest Coronavirus Measures, Demand ‘Back To Normal Now’

panicdemicNiamh Harris – Thousands of protesters gathered in central London on Saturday for the “Unite for Freedom” march.

Huge crowds, some reported as many as 35,000, rallied together against Coronavirus restrictions and mandates, including lockdowns, face masks and vaccination programs.

Speakers at the event included eminent medical doctors.

Some protesters called for an end to “government lies” over the pandemic claiming that the coronavirus is a hoax.

People started gathering in London’s Trafalgar Square around noon and then marched on to the Houses of Parliament in a show of opposition to the ongoing measures. Continue reading “Thousands Gather In London To Protest Coronavirus Measures, Demand ‘Back To Normal Now’”

Democrats and liberal media minions run scared

smell the fearMichael Goodwin – You can almost smell the sweat. The Democrats and their media handmaidens are starting to panic about Joe Biden’s prospects.

The proof comes in their efforts to wish away the wave of crime and violence engulfing many American cities. Their argument can be boiled down to two false claims. First, it’s President Trump’s fault. Second, it’s not that big of a wave.

The first is patently absurd on its face. Democratic mayors running nearly all those cities are pulling back cops and rejecting federal help. The blood is on their hands.

The second claim is outrageously cold-hearted. It means the left sees hundreds of murders, mostly of black men, and the wholesale destruction of property as small prices to pay for putting Biden in the White House. Continue reading “Democrats and liberal media minions run scared”

If Dems Win Feudalism Is America’s Future

Joe BidenClarice Feldman – It’s increasingly clear that one-party polities are corrupt, badly managed and serve the interests only of those at the top and their courtiers. I think that if Biden and Harris win, the entire country will devolve to a kingdom of  state and regional duchies composed of  often semi-hereditary rulers in the pay of the rich, donor class, the clerisy (media scribblers, complaisant judicial appointees and academic rent seekers who promote favored policies and shut out the dissenters), an impoverished, smaller, and powerless middle class and a vast layer of muzzled, docile poor serfs.

They will rule by fiat (often inconsistently and illogically) as they have been in dealing with COVID-19. Because they can, the Constitution to the contrary notwithstanding. Continue reading “If Dems Win Feudalism Is America’s Future”