Phoenix Spirit — Awaken It, Embrace Change And Live With Passion

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.” – Sir Thomas Browne

phoenixErica Almeida – As history claims, the phoenix began as a common bird that’s nest caught on fire by the hand of a god-like figure. As the fire started to consume the bird, instead of suffering, she decided to dance in the flames.

Eventually, the fire reduced the bird to ashes. However, this was not the end of that wise bird, for she knew her ending was only the beginning — the beginning of something greater than what she ever thought possible, a resurrection.

The seemingly done-for bird emerged, more powerful and more beautiful than ever. The phoenix represents a rebirth. A rebirth of the body, mind, and soul, that unleashes itself when the spirit is set free from its self-inflicted shackles. Continue reading “Phoenix Spirit — Awaken It, Embrace Change And Live With Passion”

Full Moon in Aries October 1 2020

full moon ariesLena Stevens – This is the Harvest Moon of the year and it starts the month off with extroverted passion. What are your dreams? What do YOU want to manifest? An inner fire is lighting up your personal desires and prompting you to be more assertive in speaking your mind.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to be kind and to seek harmony and balance in your interactions at the same time. Diplomacy goes a long way to establish cooperative alliances and keep relationships in good alignment. Continue reading “Full Moon in Aries October 1 2020”

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Project Veritas Omar Video Shows ‘need to ban ballot harvesting’

ballot harvestingJennie Taer – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-HI, cited on Twitter Tuesday a new video from Project Veritas as “further evidence of the need to ban ballot harvesting,” adding that the issue shouldn’t be partisan.

As reported by Sara A. Carter, Project Veritas dropped a video Monday showing a ballot harvester allegedly associated with Rep. Ilhan Omar’s, R-MN, reelection campaign buying a voter’s absentee ballot. Continue reading “Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Project Veritas Omar Video Shows ‘need to ban ballot harvesting’”

Activist Arrested For Spending +$200K BLM Donations On Himself

Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested

BLM activist
Sir Maejor Page, aka Tyree Conyers-Page

A Black Lives Matter activist from Atlanta, Georgia was arrested by the FBI on Friday morning on charges of money laundering and wire fraud after he was accused of using donation money to fund his own ritzy lifestyle, buying things like tailored suits, guns, and a security system.

Sir Maejor Page, a 32 year-old activist who is also known as Tyree Conyers-Page, was arrested in Toledo, Ohio and was hit with one count of wire fraud and two counts of money laundering, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Continue reading “Activist Arrested For Spending +$200K BLM Donations On Himself”

There Is A War Going On – Eceti News

information  warJames Gilliland – It has become increasingly obvious there is a war going on. Call it what you want – good vs evil, dark vs light, Satan/Lucifer, demons, greys, reptiles VS Creator, Angels, Masters, Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off Worlders – some refer to as our Ancient Ancestors returning. The war is multidimensional in nature with seen and unseen negative influences.

In this newsletter we will address the awakened ones VS the socially engineered, critical thinking and research-impaired useful idiots. Now right away the spiritual PC police are going to get triggered.

PC-correct is just another form of mind control. The one-sided teachings have nothing to do with enlightenment. Enlightenment means to be in knowledge of, all of it, both sides of the coin. Not addressing the dark side, internally and externally is living a half truth in denial, has nothing to do with enlightenment.

Many are wondering why I have deleted them as friends or eliminated their posts on Facebook. We have been very patient with the socially engineered yet don’t have the luxury of perpetuating the lies and deceptions. We are at a critical point in time where what we do next will determine our future. Continue reading “There Is A War Going On – Eceti News”