Add Your Puzzle Pieces

heartBrenda Hoffman – You are likely no longer comfortable being the source of others’ jokes or the instigator of downplaying others’ importance. You are discovering an inner voice that often stops you in mid-message or sentence. A voice that invalidates what you once thought or said. For you are beginning to lead with your heart instead of social norms.

Perhaps there was a time when you made fun of a certain person or action. But doing so now does not provide you with the same feeling of conquest. It merely makes you sad. For you are a different being with a different focus, and most importantly for this topic, different needs. Continue reading “Add Your Puzzle Pieces”

Contesting Thoughts & Feelings

conjunctionCarmen Di Luccio – We are having a Full Moon in Cancer on December 29th in the Americas and on the 30th elsewhere. It will appear the brightest on the night of the 29th for the majority of the world except for the countries furthest East. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius on December 14th/15th.

This Full Moon follows two back to back eclipses which will be affecting the period from this past November until this upcoming spring as part of the backdrop to all the other astrological energies happening. We also recently had a Grand Conjunction in Aquarius which will affect the next 20 years but especially this upcoming year as a time of seeding things pertaining to that energy. I recommend reading those articles here if you haven’t already. I also recently did a podcast here on Collective-Evolution talking about it as well. Continue reading “Contesting Thoughts & Feelings”

Stealth Wars [Video]

chinaAlexandra Bruce – Does anybody find it odd that the Dominion voting machines were moved to Nashville this past week and audited by AT&T, which just so happens to be the place where the bombing happened?

Jeffrey Prather lays out the motives, the means and the actors involved in the election fraud and in the attendant Nashville bombing. Prather is a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces and in his judgement and that of his colleagues, the device used in the Nashville attack was a 250 lbs Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) deployed by the MQ9 Reaper drone preferred by the CIA. Continue reading “Stealth Wars [Video]”

Tainted Electors in Post-Legal America

electionJon N. Hall – The American left has been working overtime to obfuscate the real issues at the heart of whether or not the 2020 presidential election is being stolen.  For instance, when Chris Krebs, the former head of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), announced in a statement on November 12 that the 2020 election was “the most secure election in American history” and President Trump fired him, the Left went berserk and cited the firing as just more evidence that Trump is an illegitimate tyrant or something.

On December 13, however, the Department of Homeland Security released Emergency Directive 21-01, a version of CISA’s “Mitigate SolarWinds Orion Code Compromise.”  CISA is charged with protecting the nation’s electronic infrastructure from foreign hackers, and it seems to be fairly incompetent at it.  Inasmuch as the SolarWinds hacks had been happening for many months, perhaps when he fired Krebs, the president knew things the leftist media didn’t. Continue reading “Tainted Electors in Post-Legal America”

2020 election was masterpiece of deception


WND Staff – The 2020 presidential election was a “Machiavellian” masterpiece of deception and now judges are in a “rush” to move past the disputes, according to one of the top lawyers fighting for election accuracy and integrity.

According to Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets column in the Washington Examiner, lawyer Sidney Powell expressed her thoughts on the fights over election results.

In fact, her multiple lawsuits in various states have contended that there was enough election fraud to steal the election victory from President Trump and give it to Joe Biden. Continue reading “2020 election was masterpiece of deception”