Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion

chakrasJim Self – The third-dimensional chakras operate as barometers of balance or imbalance. If you know what they do, you will have an opportunity to refocus your attention and begin to realign yourself. All seven major chakras support us, but for most of us, the lower three chakras guide the life we experience.

First chakra: Survival

The first chakra’s job is to keep you safe so that you may fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. If you are threatened and it’s not the exit point of your life, the first chakra overrides everything to keep you safe. It will activate the flight or fight mechanism and cause you to jump back onto the curb before the bus hits you. The first chakra is located at the lowest tip of your spine. Continue reading “Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion”

Infants and Music!

musicJill Mattson – Aren’t these details fascinating? Mothers sing better when their infant is present (1999 study by Laura Lee and William Thompson, York University at Toronto.) Sandra Trehub of U. of Toronto found that babies as young as 6 months prefer consonance to dissonance.

“Mozart and Vivaldi cause fetus’ heart rates to stabilize, whereas rock music drove fetuses to distraction and they kicked violently.” Thomas Verny Music learning begins in utero. Peter Hepper (Queens University in Belfast) found that 2 weeks before birth fetuses recognize differences in songs/sounds. Continue reading “Infants and Music!”

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Effective?

vaccineMadhava Setty, MD – Are you going to decline the Covid-19 vaccine if it is offered to you? Why or why not? No matter how certain you are in your reasoning there will no doubt be someone else who feels exactly the opposite to you and will be just as certain of their position. We trust different sources of information, we have had different experiences with vaccines and we have different impressions of the threat of SARS-COV2 to us and our species.

I would suggest that those in the “vaccine cautionary” community would decline the vaccine based on their ideas around its potential risks. On the other hand, supporters of the vaccine are more likely to focus on its potential benefits. The debate has largely been centered around the disagreement people have about the risks. In this essay I will consider the uncertainty I and others have about its benefits. Continue reading “Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Effective?”

Scientists ‘program’ living bacteria to store data

Escherichia coli bacteria can convert electrical pulses into bits of DNA stored in their genome.

Robert F. Service – Hard disks and optical drives store gigabits of digital data at the press of a button. But those technologies—like the magnetic tapes and floppy drives before them—are apt to become antiquated and unreadable when they are overtaken by new technology. Now, researchers have come up with a way to electronically write data into the DNA of living bacteria, a storage option unlikely to go obsolete any time soon.

“This is a really nice step” that might one day spur commercial development, says Seth Shipman, a bioengineer at the Gladstone Institutes and the University of California, San Francisco, who was not involved in the new work. He notes, however, that real-world applications are a long way off. Continue reading “Scientists ‘program’ living bacteria to store data”

Donald J. Trump: On the Threshold of Greatness

TrumpDaniel Davies – Despite the many ways in which he’s reviled today, I believe that history will record Trump as one of America’s greatest presidents. Looking at America’s most admired presidents, I was able to identify the four criteria needed to earn that accolade:

♦ First and foremost, the president led the country through a life and death struggle.

♦ Second, the president suffered intense defamation, attack, pernicious plots, and even demonization both domestic and foreign but prevailed.

♦ Third, the president defended and supported our Republic’s foundational documents and institutions: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, including all Amendments, especially the Bill of Rights. Continue reading “Donald J. Trump: On the Threshold of Greatness”