New Timeline Options

timelineOwen K Waters – People travel through different versions of history, each person choosing one of the many available timelines. Every once in a while those timelines converge into a meeting point where, like a big highway interchange, everyone is faced with the same major challenge.

In this article, we review the timeline convergences of recent decades and their effects, along with the current convergence and the opportunities it provides for spiritual growth. Continue reading “New Timeline Options”

Inconvenient truths

integrityLorna Bevan – All this week and right through October, Mercury is flying back and forth between the upper world and the underworld with important communications from the Gods of Change. On September 27th the Guide of Souls stations at his most Tricksterish to turn retrograde at 25° Libra until October 18th.

The winged Messenger is in cahoots with both Pluto and Disruptor Eris until the beginning of October. This is absolutely not the time to dodge or fudge important issues or avoid difficult conversations – Pluto is relentless in revealing inconvenient truths, working under the radar and bringing revelations, corruption and secrets into the bright light of day. Continue reading “Inconvenient truths”

Fight for Freedom or It’s Hell on Earth [Video]

celenteGreg Hunter – Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher, is back this time to talk about uniting for the fight for freedom.  If we don’t, we will all be a “slave on the Slavelandia plantation” or worse.  Whether it’s the economic repression or coerced vaccinations, the problem comes from the elite masters and corporations running the world.

You are seeing this in the economy that, under the surface, is stalling out. Celente explains, “Drug store chains, grocery chains, stationery chains, hardware chains, chains, that’s all we are.  We are run by the chain.  So, they don’t care about the general economy.  All they are caring about is boosting the equities, and that’s all they are doing. . . . Continue reading “Fight for Freedom or It’s Hell on Earth [Video]”

Strongest Smell of Fear Coming From the Elite, Hold the Line

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – Neil Oliver says the ‘New World Order’ is on the verge of collapse as people around the world rise up and reject their attempts to enslave humanity under the guise of protecting them against Covid.

In a powerful monologue on GB News, Mr. Oliver urged viewers to ‘hold the line’ as government’s worldwide are beginning to react with fear at a more informed and angry public. Continue reading “Strongest Smell of Fear Coming From the Elite, Hold the Line”

Why Your Otherwise Smart Friends Think Stupid Things

BidenClarice Feldman – So many of our friends and family live harried lives, working, keeping households, caring for family members that they have no time to question the news accounts they hear on their car radios while chauffeuring the kids to school, shopping, for essentials, and commuting. And if they get newspapers delivered or watch the news, they get only enough for a header and a couple of graphs or a quick byte before other more pressing things require their attention. Those of us with more time and interest in the news get an entirely different picture and that makes our discussions with them so fraught. We live in two different realities. Continue reading “Why Your Otherwise Smart Friends Think Stupid Things”