Aquarius – Energy of the Month

energyKelly M. Beard – This month’s energy helps you focus on expressing your innate uniqueness, on all levels. It is also the energy of experimentation – try some new way of doing an old thing. Try to get an understanding of the bigger picture, see your connection to the whole or work on planning your long-term goals.

Sometimes we get too bogged down in mundane matters and we lose sight of why we started doing the things we’re doing in the first place. Avoid seeking others’ approval, as most people think differently and may not understand your truth and purpose, which is really none of their concern to begin with. Try seeing the positive side of everything this month – even if it utterly sucks! Continue reading “Aquarius – Energy of the Month”

Ancient Sites And Pole Shifts

magneticJoseph P Farrell – The Gizars have been out in force this week combing through the internet, and that’s certainly true with today’s offering spotted and shared by M.S. (with a big thank you). And this one is a whopper doozie, being nothing less than an article from The Journal of Scientific Exploration by Dr. Mark Carlotto, which correlates the location of certain ancient and megalithic sites to poles that have since shifted.

If that seems highly significant, it is, the much more so because of the man who authored the article, Dr. Carlotto. Many Gizars will already be familiar with that name, but many may not recognize it, so a brief review of Dr. Carlotto is in order.

Continue reading “Ancient Sites And Pole Shifts”

Sending Love Vibrations to Loved Ones

loved onesRobert Puzey – When we lose a loved one, we feel the helplessness and heart-wrenching tugs of grief. We are suddenly left alone. For years, the person at our side, a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, suddenly cease to exist. The void left in one’s life is too wide to stitch. We become a shadow of our former self.

Continuing life unfurls as a morbid chore.  In recent months many people have lost loved ones in the cruellest of circumstances. Visitors were not permitted at bedsides or at gravesides. We live in fear of this lethal virus that wreaks havoc among us. Continue reading “Sending Love Vibrations to Loved Ones”

Take charge of your Tuner

vibrationsThe Angels – You’ve heard it countless times. “The power is in the present.” You know it. Most of you believe it. Yet in the throes of human drama, you forget this fundamental principle of human empowerment. We don’t blame you. While presence has been practiced in monasteries and mystery schools throughout the ages, you are among the first generation of human beings striving to weave this wisdom into the mass consciousness.

“Sounds great,” many of you tell us. “I know I can be peaceful now. I know I can choose kinder thoughts now, but how will that help me pay the bills? How will that ease my loneliness? How will that heal my body, or help my kids feel better?” Of course, as human beings, you want to solve your life’s challenges. You want to have your manifestations. You want to live in love, in grace, and in joy. Continue reading “Take charge of your Tuner”

Creation And Manifestation

energyVeronica – There are many paths in reality that lead to creation and manifestation. It is important to find the correct energy to do so with ease.

The two most common ways are forcing and allowing. The denseness of the atmosphere on earth can cause the forcing, one thinks, is necessary to accomplish anything. The difference between allowing and forcing is huge. There are many who decide that it is necessary to push the energy. Each push they feel does create the desired effects in their reality. It might work for a while but can become exhausting and disappointing. Continue reading “Creation And Manifestation”