The One Law of Creation – Part 1

infinite beingOwen K Waters – Before Creation, there existed only Infinite Being. No universe, no Creator exploring itself through its own manifestations, not even any motion of which to speak. Just the silent, reflective beingness of the all-encompassing consciousness which is the very essence of completeness and perfection.

From this unchanging, pure beingness of Infinite Being emerged the potential for action as God, the One Creator.

Infinite Being, as the all-encompassing consciousness behind all of Creation, is not ‘an infinite being’ or ‘The Infinite Being.’ Any prefix before the name would suggest the existence of more than one. As there is only one, it is referred to simply as, ‘Infinite Being.’ Continue reading “The One Law of Creation – Part 1”

This ‘Tree of Immortality’ Keeps Disease Away

moringaNick Polizzi – Sometimes this quest for lost healing medicines can feel kind of like an Indiana Jones movie.

We come across the most amazing cultures, with such fascinating traditions… and the promise of new medicines that could save lives… you just can’t make this stuff up!

And today’s piece is no different.

Do you know what one of the healthiest, yet most overlooked trees on Earth is? Here is a hint: it originates from India and is commonly referred to as “The Tree of Immortality!”

*Can you hear the Jeopardy music playing?* Continue reading “This ‘Tree of Immortality’ Keeps Disease Away”

The End of ET Woo [Video]

wooAlexandra Bruce – Clif High says that an imminent report coming from the Pentagon in May-June will be one of major UFO/ET disclosure and this defining moment will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The US Government will finally admit something they’ve been trying to deny for over 80 years.

He says everything is going to change. Einsteinian and Quantum Physics will be revealed for the frauds that they are. All authority will be destabilized. “Everybody’s going to have to acknowledge that what you learned in high school; anything that you learned prior to the day that they announced this report is bogus, because everything changed that day and that was the end of the woo… Continue reading “The End of ET Woo [Video]”

Now sheet music condemned as ‘slap’ at ‘students of color’

musicBob Unruh  – The old saying is music “can soothe the savage beast,” but who knew those sheets of paper with staves and notes and key signatures and time signatures and more actually have the power to “slap” some people in the face?

It’s the latest battle in “woke” politics in the world today, where now staff members inside the University of Oxford’s department of music reportedly want to remove sheet music from the school’s curriculum.

A report from Fox News explains professors are fretting over its presence because the notation has not “shaken off its connection to its colonial past.” Continue reading “Now sheet music condemned as ‘slap’ at ‘students of color’”

Democrats are Afraid of You

TrumpChristopher Chantrill – I’m having a problem deciding whether the Biden administration is stupid or evil or just flat-out afraid of us Commoners.

And then I realized that it’s all three. Here’s why.

Our liberal friends never imagined that a Trump could happen. Nothing in their world prepared them for him. So what happens when you are confronted by something completely unexpected? You stop dead in your tracks.

That is one of the basic themes in Jordan B. Peterson’s oeuvre. As he writes in Beyond Order. 12 More Rules for Life: Continue reading “Democrats are Afraid of You”