Fascinating Facts About Dreams

dreamsLarry Schwartz – There aren’t many things that fascinate, frighten, sadden, intrigue, confuse, or enlighten us more than dreams. While science seems stumped about dreams, artists are inspired, creating countless books, movies, poems, paintings, dances and plays about dreams in an effort to understand more about this mysterious unconscious existence we enter when we sleep.

More than 100 years after Freud wrote The Interpretation of Dreams, we still aren’t exactly sure what a dream really is. Science tells us that our sensory abilities (like vision, hearing, etc.) reside in various areas of the neocortex of our brains, and that during sleep these various areas fire randomly, producing illusions that seem disjointed and enigmatic. (In other words, dream-like.) Continue reading “Fascinating Facts About Dreams”

At The Sensitive Midpoint Of 2 Eclipses

eclipseLorna Bevan – We have reached the sensitive midpoint of May 26th’s total lunar eclipse and June 10th’s near total solar eclipse – this means that the seismic field is very active. Both Saturn and Mercury are now retrograde in Air signs so these eclipse wild cards are extra-Tricksterish. Expect tangled webs of miscommunication, cross purposes and fake news.

The Sun conjuncts the Node of Fate and opposes the Great Attractor whose strapline is “On the Wavelength of the Creator’s Voice”. The most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe, the Great Attractor bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future. Continue reading “At The Sensitive Midpoint Of 2 Eclipses”

UFO Disclosure and Mellon Family Secrets [Video]

warnerAlexandra Bruce – John W Warner IV joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to do a deep dive on his Deep State roots, as the grandson of Paul Mellon, the son of Senator John Warner (who sadly passed away on May 25th) and the cousin of Christopher Mellon, the Pentagon official who is stage-managing the Democrats’ fake UFO Disclosure operation.

John IV says of his cousin, “Chris writes and Op Ed piece for The Hill and says, ‘I challenge the Pentagon to release more!’ You ARE the Pentagon, Chris! You represent factions that don’t want real disclosure going at all!”

John IV is not proud of the dark parts of his Robber Baron ancestry; how his family profited off the Great Depression and how is great-grandfather, Andrew Mellon, as 50% owner of ALCOA was instrumental in making water fluoridation compulsory in America – all the better to help ALCOA dispose of all that toxic fluoride, the main byproduct of aluminum processing. Continue reading “UFO Disclosure and Mellon Family Secrets [Video]”

Lab-leak denials were ‘willful efforts to deceive’

lab leakJ. Peder Zane – If only we lived in fairytale land, where the little boy’s observation that the emperor has no clothes snapped the people back to reality. In modern America, however, the exposure of delusional prevarications is met with a shrug by the powers that be, who simply move on to the peddling of other untruths.

For more than a year, government experts and their stenographers at our most prestigious media outlets denied what was clear to anybody with a modicum of common sense – that the COVID-19 pandemic that had originated in Wuhan, China, could have originated in the Wuhan lab where scientists were performing dangerous research into coronaviruses. Continue reading “Lab-leak denials were ‘willful efforts to deceive’”

BBC Silent After London’s Massive March For Freedom

governmentNiamh Harris – The BBC have (as usual) remained silent on an event that bought London to a standstill yesterday.

Protesters gathered in Parliament Square on Saturday for a Unite for Freedom rally with some claiming the pandemic is a hoax.

Some held placards which read ‘We do not consent’, ‘You have no power over us’, and ‘We’re not guinea pigs’. Continue reading “BBC Silent After London’s Massive March For Freedom”