A Moment To Breathe

spaceKate Spreckley – We are currently in a space of rest and reflection where we are being urged to take a moment to breathe before the next cycle of change and transformation begins.

This in between time phase may feel strange as we have become so used to the intensity of the last few months. However, this time of stillness will not last, and we can expect the intensity develop along with further shifts and unexpected change.

Keep in mind that there is purpose in everything and what follows will accelerate our growth.

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Liminal space

spaceKate Spreckley – Currently we are floating in a liminal space, on the threshold between the old and the new, between death and rebirth where the dissolution of the old is creating a fluid, malleable space that will enable the new to become fully developed. As such we stand in the space between our old self and our new self.

Within this space uncertainty and disorientation can occur as future outcomes once taken for granted are now thrown into doubt. The future is unknown and unknowable as we are moving into a time like nothing we have experienced before. Continue reading “Liminal space”

Cathy O’Brien new podcast exposing “mass mind control” [Video]

mind controlAnn Kreilkamp – As I’ve noted in this blog any number of times, my awakening to the horrific underbelly  of our so-called “civilized” world came as the millennium turned, when I came across Cathy O’Brien’s memoir, Trance Formation of America, while attending my first UFO Conference in Laramie Wyoming.

While not directly connected to the UFO topic, her subject matter,  the reality and uses of mind control, may be even more marginal than UFO to the set of glasses we are socially indoctrinated into wearing — glasses that tightly constrict our vision (and therefore, our attention) to only “acceptable” topics. Continue reading “Cathy O’Brien new podcast exposing “mass mind control” [Video]”

California Bans State Travel to Florida

ban state travelSean Adl-Tabatabai – California has officially banned Florida and four other states from state-funded travel due to their alleged anti-LGBTQ laws.

Democrat State Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Monday that Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia had also joined Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas on the no-go list, which was first created in 2016.

“When states discriminate against LGBTQ+ Americans, California law requires our office to take action,”  Bonta declared. Continue reading “California Bans State Travel to Florida”

Harrington Says Joe Biden Illegitimately Took Over [Video]

Joe Hoft – President Trump made a great choice in Liz Harrington as his new spokeswoman.  She is articulate, smart and she speaks the truth.

Harrington was on with David Brody, host of ‘The Water Cooler’, and she spoke with the courage and honesty that Mitt Romney’s niece, Ronna McDaniel could never do.  When speaking about the Trump rally this past weekend, Harrington shared:

They get it.  Just like their chant, they announced “Trump Won”.  That’s what they wanted to hear about.  They wanted to hear about what’s happening to our country and the six months since Joe Biden illegitimately took over. Continue reading “Harrington Says Joe Biden Illegitimately Took Over [Video]”