How To Physically Heal Yourself

body machineJafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher – Your body is an amazing healing machine that has automatic processes built into it to ensure that it maintains a state of perfect health. Science has found that your body’s cells naturally regenerate themselves at different speeds, depending upon where they are located in the body.

For instance, the cells of the eye take only 48 hours to regenerate themselves, whereas the cells of the liver take about 6 weeks to completely replicate themselves. In one year from today, your entire body will contain 100% brand new cells where you will physically not be the same person that you are today! Continue reading “How To Physically Heal Yourself”

Hold On or Let Go?

perfectionJennifer Hoffman – We are living in challenging, confusing, and troubling times, on a personal and on a global scale and portals for transformation are opening in every direction.

On a personal level we can feel like we are being forced to accept and adopt changes that we are not ready for and maybe didn’t want. Our resistance to change can be high and sometimes we refuse it entirely. Continue reading “Hold On or Let Go?”

Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening [Video]

fake everythingGreg Hunter – Award winning journalist Alex Newman says, “The Deep State globalists cannot stop the “unprecedented awakening going on in America.”

Newman, who wrote the popular book called “Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes,” explains, “Everybody knows that the press is lying.  Nobody believes the press anymore.  ‘Let’s go Brandon.’  Everybody knows this is absolutely absurd. Continue reading “Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening [Video]”

UK PM Boris Johnson Invites Bill Gates, JPMorgan’s Dimon & Others To Dinner

Bill GatesUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to host a dinner with some of the worlds top business leaders, including Bill Gates and JPMorgan Chase & Co Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon

According to a report by the Telegraph, around 20 executives are expected to attend the dinner at 10 Downing Street on Oct. 18, as Johnson seeks to establish a “Global Britain” on the world economic stage.

They will be joined by Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, with catering provided by three-star Michelin chef Clare Smyth. Continue reading “UK PM Boris Johnson Invites Bill Gates, JPMorgan’s Dimon & Others To Dinner”

German Broadcaster Confesses: ‘We Promote New World Order COVID Propaganda’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – Ole Skambraks has worked as an editor at German public broadcaster ARD for 12 years.

According to Skambraks, he can “no longer silently watch” the blatant propaganda being fed “for a year and a half now within my organization.”

Skambraks writes: Things like “balance”, “social cohesion” and “diversity” in reporting are principles embedded in the statutes and media state contracts. Today, the exact opposite is happening. There is no true discourse and exchange in which all parts of society can come together and find common ground. Continue reading “German Broadcaster Confesses: ‘We Promote New World Order COVID Propaganda’”