5 of the Best Productivity Tools That Can Save Your Small Business Money

best productivity toolsYou might feel the need to control everything when running a small business. You, being the boss, got a lot of pressure to perform so, of course, you want the job done right. Who better to do it right than you? Right?

The problem with controlling everything: you don’t have all the time in the world.

Your time is the most important at the business. After all, you’re the head honcho and decision-maker. Any way you can save time and resources is a win especially if it gives you more time to make those big moves.

How do you get more done? You use the best productivity tools.

Tools like…

1. Slack

Miscommunication is the usual culprit of why things don’t get done. Slack is a team communication tool that will eliminate these communication problems.

Slack is a robust chat-room with direct messaging and many great features. You can share screens, call people, dictate tasks, and more. It’s a great platform to keep a growing team talking and aligned with goals.

2. ThePayStubs

ThePayStubs takes the annoyance out of keeping a paper trail. As the name implies, the tool lets you create and send pay stubs.

You can track finances without getting bogged down as is often the case with big accounting software. You can also do a W2 and 1099-Misc. It’s simple, intuitive, and frees up more time to work on the things that matter.

3. Time Doctor

We can’t have 100% productive time but we do spend a lot of time goofing off at work. You don’t want to see employees watching YouTube when they could be doing something. Time Doctor can fix this—and fix productivity all round.

Time Doctor is a time tracker and manager.

The program runs on the side, recording a team member’s activity and tasks. It’ll check in to see they’re paying attention. Then, spits out a report you can use for invoicing or to find ways to improve workflow.

4. Namely

Namely is a service meant to streamline onboarding new talent. This service saves months (sometimes years) of getting hires up-to-speed. It also offers feedback and reporting to further improve the process.

Namely could save countless hours every year when your business grows. Imagine what your business could do with this extra time. And, all the added output from new hires going right into tasks.

5. Hootsuite

A business that is not doing social media marketing is missing out. A business not using automation and management tools doubly so. For example, an SEO whistleblower lawyer that’s not maintaining a social media presence will not be able to get more clients—and won’t grow business. That’s where a content management tool can help. Hootsuite is your all-in-one command center for your social media accounts and interactions.

With Hootsuite you can:

♦  Schedule and send bulk posts

♦  Curate and reshare with ease

♦  Manage the community interactions

The tool provides reporting and monitoring to build a better funnel, too.

The Best Productivity Tools Are Ones You’ll Use

A big list of the best productivity tools means nothing if you gloss over them. That’s the problem with these list types, isn’t it? Well, your competition is likely acting the same way—and that’s where you can get ahead.

Get an edge on your competition by doing more with your time. Find what works and get the rest of your team on board, too. Truly maximize efforts!

What else can you do?

Well for one… dig into our archives for more business articles. You’re bound to find a piece that’ll take your motivation to that next level.

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