Tips for Losing Weight for This Summer

weightAs a result of the lockdowns put in place by politicians to prevent against the very real effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us have put on extra weight.

As the summer rolls around and places start opening up thanks to a mostly successful vaccine campaign, especially in the USA due to the new President’s relatively well-managed rollout, you can start looking forward to going out again and socializing with your healthy, infection-free friends. It is probably also time to get back in shape in order to make the most of the summer. Read on now for five key tips.

Try a Fasting Period

Fasts have long been recommended by different religions over the years as a way to lose weight and reconnect spiritually. For example, in the Islamic tradition, Ramadan — a period where adherents cannot eat any food or drink any water between sunrise and sundown — has been proven to help people to lose weight. Perhaps it is worth trying it out for yourself?

Vitamin Supplements

As you cut back on carbs and other food items in order to lose weight, it is essential not to miss out on key vitamins needed for healthy regulation of the body. Vitamins A through to E can help to build up your immune system, reducing the chance of mental illnesses and to fight off infection.  These can be supplemented by great vitamin providers such as those at

Try and Maintain 10,000 Steps a Day

While it might seem daunting to go out on a run each and every day, simply going on a brisk walk each day can actually help you to lose weight as well. Many health professionals still swear by the semi-mythical 10,000 steps a day. You can try and achieve this by walking to work or taking a longer route when walking to the supermarket.

Embrace Multiculturalism

It goes without saying that the more varied your diet is, the more balanced and healthier it will be. That is why it makes sense to make the most of the USA’s rich cultural diversity in order to eat as much varied food as possible.

Whether it is delicious Chinese soups, Mexican guacamole dishes, African-American soul food or Russian dumplings, by embracing the richness of the country’s multi-ethnic make-up, you might not only make friends from all different walks of life, broadening your horizons in the process, but you will have a much more varied and healthier diet, helping you to lose weight too.

Prepare Food in a Healthy Way

The way you cook and prepare food can have as much an impact upon your weight as the food that you eat. For example, in an Israeli experiment, the Kosher tradition found in Judaism was found to help people to lose weight as opposed to those who did not eat kosher food. It also might make sense to make food that requires a lot of physical effort, such as chopping and lifting, as this will help you to lose weight while preparing it. Definitely ditch the microwave meals before this summer!

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