Dr. Judy Woods: Irrefutable – [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – “Here were these huge buildings, which turned to dust in mid-air, right in front of our faces on TV. Why did so few people see that? Because they were told to see a collapse, maybe?”

This is the definitive film of Dr. Judy Woods’ theory about how the buildings of the World Trade Center complex did not “collapse” as repeated millions of times over the past 15 years; they were brought down using Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), citing the MANY anomalies which occurred during the events of 9/11/2001 in Lower Manhattan and the tons of evidence for her case that many believe is ‘Irrefutable’.

Even if you don’t agree with the information brought forward here, this 5-episode 48-minute presentation is certainly very compelling.

This is a high-quality production, featuring a profusion of video and audio clips featuring Jesse Ventura, George Noory, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and many others. The visual and musical pacing, along with the insights of Dr. Judy Woods, and other structural engineers here will grab your attention for the entire show.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Jan. 2017

4 thoughts on “Dr. Judy Woods: Irrefutable – [Video]

  1. Wouldn’t go so far as to say the silly music and background razzmatazz spoiled factual content of the video. However these Hollywood type Muzak distractions….”Ride of the Valkyries”….fer pities sake!?…. did nothing, nothing whatsoever to enhance it…….

  2. Got to the 6:42 minute mark of this video and gave up because of the “FOREground noise (music?)” that is just AWFUL! A scientifically factual docu does not need foreboding musical accompaniment for effect like a scary film. Ridiculous! I could not even hear what the people were saying.

    The vibration of this piece speaks louder than the words/meaning/info and it is deleterious to one’s well-being and consciousness.

    I have listened to interviews with Dr. Judy Woods that got the info out just fine. The intent of this “high-quality production”, IMHO, was to create fear in the individual and I really do not think we need any more then we already are bombarded with.

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