A Super New Moon + A Super Mars

11 October – Sun square Jupiter
13 October – Mercury Retrograde
13 October – Mars opposite Sun
14 October – Venus square Great Attractor
15 October – Sun square Pluto
16 October – Super New Moon 23° Libra
18 October – Sun square Saturn
18 October – Venus opposite Neptune

super moonLorna Bevan – Expect clashes, crashes and crossed wires. The Mars/Pluto square is overlaying a sense of heaviness and this week the Sun squares Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

On Tuesday 13th, Mars is at his closest to Earth until 2035 acting out just as Mercury stations to turn retrograde in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio until November 3rd opposing unpredictable Uranus and trining Neptune. Nothing will be what it seems. If you think Tower of Babel or Lost in Translation, you get the gist…

The Super Stealth New Moon on Friday October 16th at 23° Libra in the Via Combusta aka the Fiery Way is going to be a doozy! The seismic window is wide open between 13-18th, bringing geo-physical disturbance, high tides, super storms or earth movements. The Super Moon is conjunct Haumea – the bringer of epochal events – in a cardinal T-square to Mars/Eris/Saturn/Pluto/ Jupiter and Mars /Eris.

Falling as it does not only in a Mercury Max, but within just two days of Mercury’s retrograde station this is set to be one of the most turbulent geophysical disturbance points in 2020. Make your wellbeing a priority, get more rest, more hydration, more grounding outside.

Realise that you cannot do the old things anymore, that the energy of everything really affects you in a different way. It’s not an emotional experience, it’s a “that resonates/that doesn’t.”

Notice what and who you’ve walked away from, what you’ve stopped doing, thinking, craving or needing whether it’s trying to connect with people who don’t get you, constantly trying to fit in or giving your services away.

The more you withdraw your energy from anything external that leads to soul de-fragmentation, the more energy you have available to self-sustain and the more energised, present and alive you become. Power up to invest all your energy into where and how you want to live – not repairing what’s broken.

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The Chandra Symbol the Libra New Moon 23 Libra: A tremendous boulder hovering over the ocean

“Collective cycles are everything here. You are caught between worlds, part of many, belonging to none.

Changes are imminent. The air is buzzing with future currents. No rest, no quiet, no continuity.

You verge on astounding things; held poised at the edge. You feel propelled by destiny to obsess upon where we all are now, where we came from, and especially, where we are going.

Gathering impressions toward the harvest, staying tuned for further developments. And knowing it’s going to come any moment now, you can feel it rising up.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Oct 2020

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