A Time of Grace

graceThis is the Vernal or Spring Equinox, known as a Time of Grace, a Day out of Time, a Zero Point Time of Perfect Balance ~ regardless of outer appearances. This is the time to plant the seeds of what you want to blossom in the Summer and be harvested in the Fall. For you are now in Aries, the beginning of a whole new year, a whole new season and the time farmers have planted new seeds to be harvested in the Fall for eons. And this is the time for you to plant the visions for the New Earth that you want to blossom into a new Golden Age of Freedom.

Even though it looks like the world is coming to an end, actually the absolute opposite is taking place. For the first time in ages, the canals in Venice, Italy are running clean and the dolphins have returned, as the Earth uses this time to rebalance herself. Everyone will come out of this Virus of Fear knowing they want to live in a very different world.

How about you? What is the New World you want to live in? Now is the time to plant your visions. The Earth has already ascended into the unlimited New Earth in the 5th dimension awaiting your arrival and participation. What are the visions you want to plant that will create new loving, caring systems of cooperation for a New Earth? – The Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters supporting Humanity in Your Ascension

Sharon Rose – You all know you have come as Creators of your reality using your God-given ability to choose your thoughts, your feelings, the words you speak and the actions you take. So knowing you are Creators of your reality, why would you choose to focus on the fear of contracting the Corona Virus or anything else that would disempower you, Beloved Ones? You have come to co-create a Heaven on Earth and now is the time to plant the seeds and take the steps to bring this New Earth into reality.

You each have come to Earth at this auspicious time to be the Way-Showers and Co-Creators of a new way, a New Earth, with new systems of love, caring and cooperation, as you watch the old outdated, unloving, uncaring systems break down and pass away. You know it in your heart of hearts as this world had always felt foreign, unloving and uncaring to you. What is the world that would make your heart sing? What is the world you would like to see and live in? Begin to envision this new world and being part of this new world, as you plant the seeds.

First, take some time and imagine on a personal level with your family and loved ones, what is the world you want to create?

What is the part you would like to play? What is the service or gift you want to contribute to this New Earth?   What would you like to give to the world’s new systems of love, caring and cooperation that will fill you with Joy?

Next on a planetary level, what is the New Earth you envision with new systems of peace, love, caring, compassion and cooperation that will serve and uplift everyone? What would you like to create in each of these areas:

* Government that serves all the people
* Health and Well-Being,
* Food and Farming,
* Care of Mother Earth and her resources,
* Education that supports each child’s gift and contribution,
* Business that puts people before profit,
* Affordable Housing for all,
* Economics and Finance that benefits everyone,
* True compassionate Justice,
* The Arts that inspires our best,
* Media that informs and uplifts,
* Spirituality that creates unity

What is the area you feel drawn to focus on? This is your time, Beloveds, to plant the seeds for this New Earth. This is the time to plant the seeds that will be harvested in the Fall. You have all come to Earth at this auspicious time to be the Co-Creators of this New Earth, creating new systems of love, caring & cooperation, as you witness the old no-longer working unloving, uncaring systems break down and pass away. What will you plant in this powerful portal of this Equinox that launches this new Earth?

Know we are here to support you each step of the way. If you want to live as your Unlimited Self in the New Earth now, we are offering personal one-on-one private Mentoring with the Masters to fully realize your Divine destiny, and live as your True Self in Love, Joy and unlimitedness. You can create from the unlimited levels of your consciousness, actualize your Divine Blueprint, and ascend into the Love, Joy, Abundance and Freedom of the Presence of Mother/Father God within you, truly walking the Earth as a Living Master.

SF Source Walk the Earth Mar 2020

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