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action refundFirst things first. What is Action Refund?

Action Refund is an Israeli company that assists individuals who have been scammed online. What does this mean?

Practically, if you or someone close to you had a bad experience with the online world and lost money, Action Refund is there to help. The company represents itself as a chargeback expert.

We’ve done our own Action Refund review to verify if everything that you see about the company is true and can you trust someone like this. So, let’s see where we are.

What is a chargeback?

The chargeback is a way of refunding your card in case you have been scammed online. If you paid for a product or service that you didn’t get, or someone took the money from your card without your permission, you are entitled to request a chargeback. You need to file a dispute, submit several documents, and wait till your dispute is resolved.

Now, this all sounds easy, but banks are not willing to put such an effort into cases like this. Why? Because it costs them money to find out where your funds are transferred, if they were moved to several bank accounts, and to resolve the case with the recipient bank.

Unless you come up with all the papers ready and show them exactly where the funds are, in most cases, your dispute will not be resolved in your favor. And this is when you need Action Refund services.

What is an online scam?

Any crime that involves one or several aspects of the Internet is considered an online scam. The scammer provides false information to the victim based on what the victim is giving up personal data.

There are many variations of online scam. The most popular are phishing emails, fake shopping websites, blackmails, online dating, and online trading scams. All these scams involve giving personal information and, most likely, bank information.

According to other Action Refund reviews, the company is specialized in online trading scams. Scams that involve trading on the Forex market, with CFDs, or cryptocurrencies.

How to avoid online trading scams?

Many times you’ve heard about people investing in stocks, currencies, or perhaps Bitcoins. And many times you’ve seen the ad about it. Some day you thought it’s a good idea. After all, if so many people are making money, why couldn’t you? You’ve signed up on the ad, got a call, and it starts. You’ve made your deposit, the broker called. All seems like a good thing. Even some profit has been made.

But now you want that profit. You need the money for living, traveling, your children’s education.. Doesn’t matter why. It’s your money, and you want it. And here the problem comes.

The broker, who was your best friend till this moment, starts avoiding you. You cannot access your trading account. And this is the moment you realize. You have been scammed.

To avoid things like this, before opening a trading account, you need to verify all the facts about the broker; regulations, headquarters, owners, reviews by other clients. All this will help you protect yourself.

If, however, you have been scammed, Action Refund is the place to go to.

When to go to Action Refund?

If you have been scammed by an unregulated, offshore, or even a regulated broker, you should contact Action Refund. Their employees have the expertise to help you with such matter. You should contact their support and schedule free consultations.

In these consultations, you will have a chance to present your case, explain everything, and provide all the evidence you have. If the Action Refund employees decide that you are entitled to chargeback and have good enough chances to get your money back, you will start the procedure together.

We have to say that this is a very fair approach. After you’ve lost your money, you are most likely not willing to trust another company that you don’t know. If the odds of getting your money back are low, you should not waste your time trying to get it this way. So, in these free consultations, you will get all the necessary information, and you can make an educated decision on the next step.

If you decide to proceed with the dispute, you need to collect all the evidence. You will provide to Action Refund’s experts everything you have. And in case that is not enough, the company will help you gather the intel on the fraud broker. They are offering investigating services as well. Thanks to good connections and years of experience, they know exactly where to look and how to find the scam company.

After collecting the information, you need to present your case. You need to file a dispute, get in touch with a scam broker, and go to the regulatory body if there is one. Do not be terrified by this. If you think you cannot do it all alone, Action Refund is there. They can give you an expert person to represent you and file all the documents for you. Also, the person will be in charge of your case till the very end, till your dispute is resolved.

During the process, if you need any help, protection, advice, or similar, Action Refund support is available 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact them at any given moment via email, chat, or phone. We noticed that the support team is highly supportive and patient from our Action Refund review, so do not worry about bothering them with all the questions you have. For sure you will get everything you need.

Action Refund – real experience

We’ve decided to go above just the word of Action Refund. We got in touch with some of their past clients. They confirmed a positive experience with the Action Refund company, claiming that it was the best decision they ever made.

A client from the Netherlands that preferred to stay anonymous told us that he was so stressed about the procedure, he would wake up at 2 in the morning and chat with the support team. He couldn’t speak to his family, so he needed reassurance from the company that everything goes well. And the support did their job. They supported, explained, provided all the necessary information. Based on everything we found out, we will give a big shoutout to Action Refund employees!


Action Refund is based in Israel and assists clients globally. Wherever you are, if you’ve experienced some kind of scam, the company will help you. You get free consultations, and after that, step by step, the company’s employees guide you through the chargeback procedure. Along the way, the support team will be available for you 24/7, and you will be updated on every movement in your case.

If you’re still hesitating, schedule a free consultation. You will be glad you did.

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