Advantages of Adolescent Psychiatric Residential Treatment

There are many reasons why teenagers may need professional guidance to help them navigate personal challenges. They may have a diagnosed mental illness, such as bipolar disorder or anxiety disorder. Others may be navigating gender dysphoria. They may also be grieving from a loss. It is common for teens to have mental health challenges. In fact, 49.5% of teens between 13 and 18 years of age will go through a period with mental illness.

Teenagers who need professional help have several options to choose from. They can receive outpatient treatment. This may involve seeing a therapist or going to a clinic. Teens can also be treated in a psychiatric hospital. They may also choose to attend a day program and go home each night. Another option is to attend a residential program. Although all treatment options can help, residential teen treatment centers offer some specific advantages that can effectively help youth with mental health issues.

1. Personalized Care

Attending adolescent psychiatric residential treatment centers California enables you to receive one-on-one counseling that addresses your specific, personal needs. When you are present in a residential treatment program, you and the staff have more time to get to know each other and fully address your challenges. Your one-on-one therapy can also be combined with group therapy, where you can interact with other young adults who have similar needs.

Teenagers who attend a residential treatment program can receive personal support 24 hours a day. Residential treatment program staff are also trained to identify any indication that a resident is having an issue and able to provide help before programs progress. This can provide opportunities to help you develop coping mechanisms that can be used to manage triggers and prevent your issues from escalating.

2. Removing Influences


Some teenagers attend residential treatment centers because they are coping with grief or with issues related to their physical environment. For example, a teen who is being bullied in school may engage in harmful behavior, such as cutting themselves or self-medicating with alcohol. Others may have peers who influence them in a negative way or live in an unhealthy home environment.

Attending a residential program enables you to remove yourself effectively from external influences that are contributing to your mental health issues. This can eliminate some of the triggers that are affecting you. Time away from peers and family can also offer you some distance so that you can evaluate those relationships.

Residential programs also offer a safe environment where you will not be able to engage in drug use, abuse alcohol, or access things you can use to self-harm. This can help you break the cycle of harmful behaviors that are compounding your mental health issues.

3. Respect

Residential programs are built on a foundation of respect. Programs, such as the ones offered by PolarisTeen, emphasize the unique qualities of each resident as part of the treatment process. Focusing on the worth of each individual who attends to their programs affirms the individual’s value. When the people around you believe that you are a person who has talents and qualities, it will reinforce your sense of self-worth.

Anyone who struggles with mental health issues may struggle with self-esteem. It is common to feel like you are defective or worthless. The continual support from a caring staff who reinforce your self-worth can help you identify things about yourself that you like and value. It can also help you develop a healthy personal outlook and remove barriers to identity development your lack of self-esteem may have created.

Bonus: Balance

A residential program enables you to establish a new routine. Residents follow a schedule and have regular times for eating, exercising, and sleeping. You can benefit from the structured environment provided because structure provides a sense of security.

Residential programs also offer opportunities for social interaction and leisure. You will have an opportunity to meet other people who may share similar challenges. You do not have to feel isolated when you are able to interact with people who share some of the same issues that you do. You can also pursue healthy interests in your recreational time, which can help build your self-esteem. This can also help you learn how to fill personal time with healthy activities.

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