The God Field

aether Owen K Waters – Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but curiosity gets you even closer. We were endowed with our Creator’s sense of curiosity and that is what bestows upon us the desire to understand the nature of reality.

In this article, you will see that a top-down, Creator-based philosophy can provide answers to the mysteries that elude materialistic science today. The key question one needs to ask to unravel the mysteries of the universe is to first say, “How did the Creator do that?”

By looking at Creation from the top down, this article will even provide the answer to two of the most vexing mysteries in the science of physics today: How is light transmitted and what is the nature of gravity?

Creation was achieved by separating Original Consciousness into two distinct aspects – Pure Thought and Pure Love, then setting them into complementary motion. It is the Pure Love aspect that is compressed into this physical realm as the field which forms the very fabric of space.

Until a century ago, the idea of an all-pervasive field was generally accepted by science. It was considered to be a light-carrying medium and was called the aether, right up until the time that it was abandoned because of a misunderstood experiment.

Consider this: Common sense says that light must be carried by some kind of medium. After all, sound waves are carried through the air and water waves are carried through bodies of water. There is always a medium that carries any type of energy wave. Light waves are vibrations in a medium of some kind, so what is waving? Currently, science is unable to answer that question in any way that satisfies common sense.

The Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 was the turning point in scientific opinion about the aether. This experiment assumed that, if the Earth moves through a solar system filled with a static aether field, then the speed of the Earth’s orbital travel must affect the speed of light on Earth. If you shine a beam in the direction of orbital travel, it should have a different speed when compared with a beam shone sideways to the direction of travel, as one beam gains some benefit from the speed of the Earth while the other does not. As no difference was detected, it was assumed that no aether field exists.

The fatal flaw in the experiment is that it makes the assumption that the Earth moves through a static aether field in space, but what if a huge physical body like the Earth carries its own aether field with it? It’s not hard to imagine anaetheric aura around the body of Earth just like the aura that exists around your body. If you operate this experiment inside an aetheric field that travels with the Earth, then any motion through the aether will not be apparent because its field is traveling with you.

Today, having abandoned the aether concept, science postulates that space is filled with a vacuum. By definition, a vacuum is nothing, so it cannot be a medium for the propagation of something, so that idea does nothing to fill the gaping hole which has appeared in the science of physics.

The currently-fashionable theory of relativity claims that its mysterious equations do not require a medium for the propagation of light. Instead, it introduces the idea of spacetime as a fabric of space, whatever spacetime is supposed to be. From a common sense perspective, it makes about as much sense as saying, “I’ll be sure to pack a box oftime to have with my lunch!”

Meanwhile, God’s big hint about the exact nature of the aether field has been jutting out in plain view for well over a century. In 1862, Maxwell discovered that light is electromagnetic in nature. We have since found that electrons and photons of light are remarkably interchangeable. So, if light waves are electric-like waves traveling through space, then from where does the magnetic part of an electromagnetic wave come? Obviously, it is the magnetic nature of the aether – the fabric of space – that provides the complementary magnetic waves that make up electromagnetic light waves.

A word of caution here: The word aether, or its modern spelling ether, causes a lot of confusion because it sounds very much like the term etheric energy, which is a different energy entirely. Etheric or vital life energy is used in healing work and is a life-giving energy.

What can we do to distinguish between the ether as the fabric of space and etheric energy as the vital life energy used by healers? Bring God into the picture!

The best name for the all-pervasive field of Divine love energy that fills our universe is, of course, the God field!

Here is my definition of the physical expression of the God field, formerly known as the aether:

The God field is the fabric of space. It is a subtle, fluid, magnetic energy which fills all space. It is intensified within and around matter, where its attractive nature produces the force of gravity.

SF Source Spiritual Dynamics May 2018

2 thoughts on “The God Field

  1. Agreed, and my understanding is that Pure Thought is masculine and Pure Love is feminine… bring the two together in harmony and voila… the God field… not only producing gravity, but also time, both needed to express in matter the polarity of the masculine/feminine. Love, B.

    1. Agreed. I believe you are ready for a Deeper Understanding…….SO here It goes……

      EVERYTHING can be traced to ENERGY STATE ….

      Electrical current is the flow of charged particles, or specifically in the case of AC and DC, the flow of electrons.

      The fundamental difference between AC and DC is the direction of flow. DC is constant and moves in one direction. Whereas the flow of AC on a graph makes a wave-like pattern,

      “This is because AC changes over time in an oscillating repetition — [creating a continuum] the up curve indicates the current flowing in a one direction and the down curve signifies the alternate cycle where the current moves in the other direction.[ thus creating OSCILLATION} This back and forth is what FUELS the Creation of our PRESENT PHYSICAL FORM. There is no need for applying dramatic labeling tags to these natural processes.

      Each of us contain the DC Current, {Masculine as you choose to tag it } expressed as Thinking/thought {notice – we can only think of one thing at a time} and it’s complementary Aspect which enables the experience of thought, the AC Current ( feminine as you choose to tag it) expressed in the formation of our Body , The AC Current is utilized by the “Oscillation of Energy” to create and manifest physical Body Forms..
      And keeping this in mind, you can be Empowered to change your physical form [AC Current} with your DC Current, [thought form] by being totally conscious of the TAGS you apply/ or ACCEPT FROM ANOTHER to your Energy Experiences .[SENSATIONS].

      It is best not to separate Energy into the previously placed negative and positive TAGS/Labels when it comes to” Living Beings” and Attempt to see/label The interactions with ENERGY in terms of it’s WHOLENESS. = Two Complementary integrating Aspects of Energy Co-Creating and manifesting the Experience of Physical Interaction..

      I see the “Labels/wording” you are choosing: in your statement:
      “Pure Thought” and “Pure Love” …

      AS “TAGS” … that you have accepted to describe the Different Interactions with ENERGY

      Try Taking OFF the “TAGS/ Labeling” and Try Experiencing the SOURCE of OUR EXISTENCE, from FEELING the INTERACTIONS with no labels attached to the Experience. And then from there, Consciously Choose The “Tags/Labels” YOU INTENTIONALLY choose, in order to Experience in the outer physical world.

      Take what you are will from the above and re-cycle the rest….
      Love and light

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