October 2017 Energy Report

aligmentJennifer Hoffman – If you want to understand October’s energy movements I can explain them with 3 letters – A B C – which stands for alignment, balance, and congruence. We are not doing this alone as we’re getting supercharged assistance on every level to create this in our lives and in the world. It’s going to be a delicate dance to stay grounded while all of this is happening because the temptation to ‘toss it all away’ will be strong while the need to set strong intentions, maintain our energy boundaries, and keep that congruence and harmony moving smoothly will keep us very busy this month.

October, like September, has a strong numerology signature with many 1-1-1 days, starting with October 1. We’ll also have this energy signature on the 10th, the 11th, 19th, and 29th. 1 is the number of beginnings but it’s also the number of pure potential. Everything begins with the first thought, the first step, and the first intention. The number 1 has the same form as the letter “I” . I am is a theme for October but not the ‘only me first’ variety, this is energetic sovereignty, the assertion of ourselves as energetically whole, powerful, and self determining.

October is traditionally the sign of balance because it’s when the sun is in the sign of Libra, represented by the scales. But these are not your common everyday bathroom scales, these are the scales of justice which refers to equity, equality, fairness, and balance. And this is where we see October’s true meaning and potential. With balance we have an equal amount of energy flowing in and flowing out, we are giving and receiving in equal measure. Anything that is not in balance in our lives and in the world is going to get re-balanced. What is not equal will be equalized so the energy is flowing in congruent harmony in both directions.

If we are not balanced in our energy we are ungrounded and unstable, the energy does not flow harmoniously, we do not have true congruence (versus false congruence) and we have no harmony. While we may want alignment, balance, and congruence they come at the cost of releasing everything that does not fit that model.

Are we ready to release and be free of everything that isn’t energetically aligned and balanced so we can be energetically congruent with our new intention for our lives? It can be an easy choice when it involves the obvious things we are not that attached to. But what happens when that release requires letting go of expectations, deeply held beliefs, and what has empowered us on our path?

I am not just talking about people and things here, I am talking about our own beliefs and what we use to feel empowered, whether that is anger, addictions, fear, limitations, victim consciousness, doubt, confusion, or denial of our power. Those can help us feel balanced when we are afraid of change. The true test of our willingness to embrace our energetic sovereignty is our ability to release everything that is preventing us from embracing and using all of our divine power.

October’s ABC energy, for Alignment, Beliefs & Congruence starts with us, what do we do to create congruence in our lives but not the kind that makes us think we’re happy, the kind of congruence that allows us to put one foot in front of the  other, hoping that one day things will get better. This is genuine, true congruence, the type that allows us to insist on real happiness, joy, fulfillment, peace, and empowerment.

We are always aligned with something, which you’re learning in the 5D Alignment class, and it is our nature to create alignment any way we can, whether that is tolerating unhappy situations or bad behavior, or being super nice without receiving anything in return. This is what I call ‘false congruence’ and it works for us, for a while. Then we get to the day when we are so unhappy and feeling so unfulfilled that we ‘can’t take it any more’. We have been aligned with our fears and hopes for too long, now we want the real sense of joy, fulfillment, and empowerment.

We have a full moon on October 5 that has very few aspects, a change from the multiple aspects we have had with new and full moons of the past few months. One powerful aspect it does make has Mercury, planet of karma, aspecting October’s Venus Mars conjunction in Virgo. Wham! Partnership issues galore with soul contracts and our karmic partners highlighted in our most cherished relationships with others and with ourselves.

October’s new moon is on the 19th at 26 Libra and is directly opposite Uranus. The potential for partnership ruptures, re-starts or re-leases, as well as new connections, abound here. Remember this is not just about romantic relationships, family, and friends. Our most important relationship is the one we have within ourselves, this is our divine/human partnership coming into question too. How are we in partnership with our own power, potential, energy, and what does our spirit/ego partnership look like?

Jupiter moves into  Scorpio on October 10, repeating a journey it made in November 2005. What were you doing then? That was when I was preparing to move from Phoenix to Kansas City, in the center of the US, to hold the light there. I thought I would be there for a year or two, I was there for over 10 years. It was a tough time as I felt so out of place, so energetically mis-aligned with that area but that was the purpose of my time there. I have now moved away to a place I like much more and if this has been the case for you, you’re living in a place where you feel mis-aligned and out of place, you may move to a new place in this cycle. Or if you have been stuck in some area of your life since November 2005, this transit, which lasts a year, c an bring some movement.

We now have Pluto direct which starts the transformation engine back up again. When I think of Pluto’s retrograde and direct cycles, I think of a backhoe that digs up a lot of debris and then breaks down so the driver has to stop, get out of the cab, and fix the engine. We now have the transformation engine up and running again so we can continue to dredge up the debris that is being created with the 3D dis-integration.

The 3D/5D integration is still happening and expanding exponentially every day. Look at how quickly the world dissected the truth behind the Las Vegas shootings on October 1 in which 59 people were massacred and hundreds more injured. I have been working with a group to uncover the truth and in just 2 days we have brought many details to light, including suspicious stock trading by MGM executives and some institutional investors in August and September, very similar to what happened with airline stocks in the days before 9-11.

Alignment, Balance, and Congruence will happen in October and that doesn’t mean it is all going to be over by November, just that we’re on a new level that we will  continue to expand into further dis-integration of the 3D paradigm, more integration of 5D energy, and the ascension train moves forward. Remember to practice self care too, this is very tough work on an energetic level which can affect the physical body with extreme fatigue. The anxiety levels are high too, as we are also expanding our energy containers to receive more and higher energy frequencies to meet the expanding presence on the earth and within humanity. Shine on everyone, the wild ascension ride may get a little wilder. Have a great month.

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