All Systems Go!

AriesLorna Bevan – We’re right in the 2021/22 Changeover of Frequency Fields and this last quarter period from now to the end of December 2021 will dramatically intensify all aspects of this Separation of Worlds.

If you have planets and points between 23-30 degrees of any sign, the ripples back from the 27 Taurus Lunar eclipse on November 19th will start to be felt. Keep in mind that eclipses have an impact field 4 weeks either side of their exact date. This is the first of 7 eclipses across the Fixed signs of Taurus/Scorpio between November 2021-October 2023, not experienced since 2002-2003.

Delivering a welcome shot of optimism and momentum, both Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius turn forward on Monday October 18th. It’s time to find your Flow Magic – the sweet spot between surrender to life as it unfolds and full engagement/participation, doing the next right thing one step at a time with your creative expression, new service work, anything that you have been procrastinating over. Notice what inspires your imagination or presses the accelerator on the engine of your creative expression.

On October 20th, a very plutonic Aries Full Moon means that, in the outer 3D world, power plays of every conceivable kind are the name of the game. Trickster Mercury and Jupiter stationed Direct only 48 hours before, while the Me-First Aries Moon is conjunct Disruptor Eris opposite a triple conjunction of Haumea/ Sun/ Mars in Libra – all square Pluto in Capricorn. The trine from the Sun to Jupiter in Aquarius will amplify and magnify everything- good or bad.

In your own life, collaborate with the power surge by re-purposing and re-engaging with whatever has your name on it. Practice 5D Skillful Will instead of 3D Strong Will and stay right away from other people’s manufactured dramas and soap operas.

The Chandra Symbol Full Moon ARIES 28: A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man.

“The soul’s journey is absolutely endless. The Greater Dynamic is at work here and you live into that ultimate aspect from the very beginning. You simply know that your destiny must and will be fulfilled.

There is a higher vibrational inside track that accompanies each step, every phase, and that otherness gives you back yourself in such a way that you are never alone, not incomplete, never less than whole.” – Elias Lonsdale Inside Degrees

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Oct 2021

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