Amazing Diamond Alternatives To Invest In

diamondsDiamonds are a girl’s best friend but the wallet’s worst enemy. With diamonds costing thousands of dollars, you’re probably looking for alternatives to save a bit without scrimping on beauty and quality. You’re in luck, as there are many other gemstones and alternatives to diamonds that are becoming more popular!

But what are these unique and stunning gemstones that can compete with the classic choice of diamonds? Check out this list of  best diamond alternatives for your ring:


This gemstone was discovered in 1893, and while they were thought to be diamonds, the crystals are actually composed of silicon carbide. It scores 9.5 on the Mohs scale and is the second hardest mineral existing, just behind diamonds. The moissanite prices aren’t as high as diamonds but they look absolutely stunning with their own designs, or when with diamond accents.

Lab-crated diamonds

With modern technology and further research done on diamonds in the lab, it’s no surprise that there are now lab-created diamonds. These are stones that replicate the world’s most beautiful and hardest mineral, duplicating the chemical, optical, and physical properties of real diamonds. Only trained professionals can be able to tell if it is ‘fake’, and it is hard to discern it with the naked eye!

Knot rings

Knot rings are very simple and don’t come with gemstones, but they may be made with white and yellow gold weaving together. This is a beautiful symbol that shows how two lives have become intertwined forever. It’s very unique, with various designs to choose from.

There are beautiful knot ring designs with pieces moving freely and independently while still staying connected forever, which shows so much more meaning than the biggest diamonds could show!

Other gemstones

Diamonds are forever, and the same goes with gemstones! You’ll be surprised to know that many gemstones carry symbolic meanings. Put more thought into the gemstone you will invest in for the love of your life, which will be even more meaningful compared to purchasing diamonds just because of its societal normality.

Here are a few excellent ideas of what gemstones you can invest in:

Sapphire used to be even more popular than diamonds when it comes to engagement rings. They are extremely durable and can stand up to the daily wear and tear, and let’s not forget their lustrous and dazzling beauty.

♦ Aquamarine means ‘water of the sea’, and like the name, it carries the pale blue colors of the sea.

♦ Morganite looks amazing as a centerpiece of any engagement ring, being pink to peach in color. They are also known for their sparkling clarity and brilliance, looking beautiful when paired with rose gold.

♦ Emeralds have been a valued gemstone throughout history and is one of the rarest ones out there. They are gems of royalty, and legend has it that wearing this gemstone gives one the ability to see the truth and foresee the future.

♦ Rubies are known for their rare beauty, with their deep red colors associated with love and passion. These are amazing choices for those who want to get vintage rings or even modern styles that feature precious metals.

♦ Amethyst comes in various colors, from deep purple to pastel lavender and pink. They have amazing clarity and come in various cuts and carat weights.

Family heirlooms

Instead of investing in a new diamond, you may have a family heirloom to use, which was passed down from generation to generation.

The importance of family heirlooms can’t be overstated, with so many stories behind the piece of jewelry, from achievements to struggles, hopes, and dreams that were experienced. And as you accept the family heirloom, even more stories will come to be passed on in the next years to come.

This may mean so much more and will have more interesting meaning compared to purchasing diamonds from a mall!

Invest in something else

Maybe you and your partner will agree that diamonds aren’t the ultimate best friend. Instead, maybe you’ll want to use the money to skip the ring and focus on beginning your journey together. That can be through a down payment to a house or car, fees to the wedding, a bigger honeymoon, or other significant moments you’ll cherish far more than jewelry.

Rather than spend on diamonds, you can use the money to do or invest in something that shows both your undying devotions together. But of course, make sure that you discuss this option with your partner before spending the money, so you’re on the same page.

Wrapping It Up

There aren’t any rules when selecting your gemstone for your ring, as long as you love it and will cherish it for life! With these diamond alternatives, you will enjoy their beauty for years to come, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. They come in just as many different colors and cuts as diamonds, so you aren’t missing out.

Let this guide to the different diamond alternatives give you some ideas and inspiration on what to get for your engagement or wedding ring. If you’re planning to invest in a ring, keep these gemstones in mind and find the one for you now. Good luck!

Do you have any queries or would like to share your insights about these diamond alternatives? Share them in the comments section below, where all of your thoughts are much appreciated.

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