Amid The Planscamdemic, Russia Announces Sanitary Shield

RussiaJoseph P Farrell – Russia is planning to build a kind of “sanitary” biodefense shield to defend against viruses, pathogens, and to create vaccines, according to this article from RT shared by C.R.:

Russia building ‘sanitary shield’ network of labs working with dangerous viruses, to understand pathogens & develop new vaccines

What’s interesting here is that this effort is being deliberately coupled to the planscamdemic, and is clearly intended to protect Russia from biowarfare:

Work is now underway on building a “sanitary shield” around Russia, held together by a chain of high-tech biological research facilities designed to handle deadly pathogens and develop vaccines against them, Moscow has announced.

Speaking at the New Knowledge conference in the Russian capital on Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova praised the project as vital for the country to deliver. The order to establish it came from President Vladimir Putin himself, and officials are now “actively working” on plans for it, she said.

“Today we believe that this project is one of the most important, because this won’t be the only pandemic that we will have to face in our lives,” Golikova added. The first 15 “high security” laboratories will be up and running by 2024 and will deal with viruses that are “very, very contagious, and lead to fatal diseases,” she said. At present, the country only has three such labs, but there are hopes to lift this number to 36 by 2030.

In addition to the research centers, infrastructure will also be laid down to test new arrivals to the country. “We are planning to create, at checkpoints along the whole border of the Russian Federation, express diagnostics units that can test for any virus within an hour,” she revealed.

The article goes on to mention Presidents Putin’s and Xi’s calls to “quit politicizing” the covid planscamdemic, but the implication of the article seems to be clear: Russia views it as potentially being a form of biowarfare, and intends to protect itself against that possibility.  The question is, why now?

Here’s where today’s high octane speculation comes in. Russia’s “Sputnik” vaccine was not the highly experimental mRNA injections that are causing so much controversy – and adverse reactions – in the West. Indeed, some have argued – in my opinion quite plausibly – that these highly experimental injections are actually the cause of the mutations now currently making the rounds in the media narratives of the West (and that of course, assumes a properly isolated virus to begin with, which is also in question).

If that be the case, then Russia has just essentially announced an intention to build a virus detection infrastructure at least in part designed to detect “the mRNA vaccinated” as much as it is designed to detect viruses themselves.

Granted, this is a lot of “reading between the lines,” but the article itself invites it by referring to the planscamdemic in the first place. That means Russia just sent a very powerful message, which like all “very powerful messages” from that country, has to be “decoded” a bit to be understood.

In this instance, that decoding would appear to be geopolitical and defensive in nature: “You may be waging war against your own populations, but it stops at our borders.”

See you on the flip side…

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