An Act of War [Video]

Donald J TrumpAlexandra Bruce – Thomas Wictor assures us that despite the fact that we are in a full-blown information war and contrary to attempts by the Mainstream Media to brainwash us, everything is actually going great.

Wictor says Trump won in a landslide, with over 400 Electoral Votes – somewhere between 410 and 420. Trump not only slaughtered Biden, he slaughtered the Mainstream Media, which he says is now dead, regardless of whether you or they can grasp this, yet.

He says, “Trump has enough legal evidence in the form of sworn affidavits to get the mail-in ballots and the absentee ballots disqualified by the Supreme Court but he knows that that’s not enough [to overcome the propaganda and the brainwashing], so he’s going to present the evidence of what I’m sure was a military operation that he ordered by the Defense Intelligence Agency and almost certainly, the National Security Agency.”

Wictor believes this would have been a totally classified counter-insurgency mission, involving not just the NSA, DIA and Cyber Command but also involving Special Operations on the ground. This means that, not only were the election operations against Donald Trump completely surveilled upon but that the election operations against Donald Trump were physically infiltrated by undercover agents.

As an interesting aside, de-platformed podcaster, George Webb announced yesterday that his latest book, ‘At Dawn They Strzok’ explains how dual CIA-FBI agent, Peter Strzok, a longtime agent of the Islamic Republic of Iran was the leader of the Dominion Voting Systems operation against Trump.

It’s been widely-reported that dozens of these Dominion employees in Serbia have recently deleted their LinkedIn profiles.

George Webb says, “Most Americans will be surprised to learn that the faulty voting machines in the key counties in the key swing states that swung the election for Joe Biden were programmed by a hacker group in Belgrade, Serbia, recruited by none other than FBI agent, Peter Strzok in the year 1999. Yes, the same Peter Strzok who ran election operations against Donald Trump in 2016 is the same man behind running election operations against Trump in 2020.”

Thomas Wictor continues, “So, tons of this was surveilled. We don’t know how many people in these states were actually double agents working for the Trump administration but you can bet that a Hell of a lot of them were professionals – I mean, people who aren’t going to need to go into the Witness Protection Program…

“Stealing a national election is – people could say it’s Treason. No. It’s an Act of War. It’s an Act of War, alright, especially since we don’t know how many foreign powers were involved in this.”

Wictor encourages us to be of good cheer. From his point of view, any comments that you would make aligning with Mainstream Media propaganda makes you a de facto enemy agent.

So, don’t do that!

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Nov 2020

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