Obama and Renzi Orchestrated the Theft of US Elections [Video]

ItalianAlexandra Bruce – The Georgia Senatorial run-off election appears to be a repeat of November 3rd, with Dominion machines in three of the largest Republican precincts malfunctioning early in the day and voters told they couldn’t scan their own ballots. Poll workers promised to scan the ballots on voters’ behalf as soon as the machines were fixed.

There were also reports of 90%+ turnout in Democrat districts, as well as massive ballot dumps.

Live on ABC TV, 32,000+ votes were deducted from David Perdue and shredded ballots found in Fulton County, complete with invoices from the ballot printer in China.

At 10PM, just as the GOP candidates began to pull ahead, counties shut down their counting operations, saying they would restart counting at 8AM today.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters going to DC for the Stop the Steal rally will find that not only have all the local businesses been ordered by Mayor Bowser to freeze them out of town but both Google Maps and Apple Maps have canceled their directions services for the DC Metro area!

All Roads Lead To Rome

The main breaking story from BlueSkyReport is that Italy was heavily involved in the 2020 Election fraud, in a plan dating back to 2016, during Obama’s final State Visit to Italy.

Obama and former Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi reportedly orchestrated the theft of the US election from President Trump, with the help of General Claudio Graziano, who gave the CIA and the State Department access to an Italian military satellite, allowing elections in all US states to be manipulated with “Fractional Magic”.

US election data was forwarded from Frankfurt, Germany to Italy where members of MI6, CIA, and the Leonardo group built the algorithms to manipulate US election data.

In other words, Obama and much of Italy’s left wing government conspired and colluded to steal Trump’s election win. When their efforts failed to overcome Trump’s massive turnout, four of the five States were ordered to stop counting.

Graziano is also the head of the European Union Military Committee, which is comprised of all the chiefs of staff of every EU member state. So, if he wasn’t acting on his own accord, it suggests that every EU member state is also complicit in the election fraud that has occurred in the 2020 Elections.

All of this is according to articles and videos shared by tech entrepreneur and former Overstock.com CEO, Patrick Byrne, who funded private cyber security teams to monitor the 2020 election and who vouched for the veracity of this story on Twitter.

Former US Deputy Secretary of Defense under Obama, William J. Lynn III led the Department’s efforts in cyber security and space strategy. Lynn is also currently the CEO of Leonardo DRS, a US subsidiary of Leonardo with approximately $2 billion in revenue.

This story broke in Italy on December 1, 2020 in the Italian national newspaper, La Verità, with the headline, “Trump’s lawyers have no doubts: An Italian hand in pro Biden fraud”. The article outlines the alleged operation executed in Rome with the complicity of Italian defense contractor, Leonardo.

This video Zoom call with BlueSkyReport and her supporters gives more of the details in this story and tells of her efforts to get this information in front of President Trump.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Jan 2021

7 thoughts on “Obama and Renzi Orchestrated the Theft of US Elections [Video]

  1. Basically, Arturo D’Elia, an employee of the Italian Defense Contractor, Leonardo SpA, has CONFESSED to using cyber techniques and satellite to throw the election to Biden. His affidavit has been published and you can find stories in the Italian press.  You may know about the Kraken and EUROCOMMAND raid on a CIA farm in Frankfurt which was using Skytl servers to tabulate our votes from Dominion machines. They ran into trouble because Trump’s win was so big they appealed to the U.S.Embassy in Italy.  A  guy named Stefano (first name) appears to have gotten in touch with Italian Defense Contractor Leonardo SpA and Arturo D’Elia, a Leonardo employee, used cyber techniques to change the algorithm in key U.S. states. 

    Maria Zack of Nations in Action went to Trump with an armful of affidavits.  
    She also went to Congress. She has a video out which is dynamite. Hopefully, you can still get it here. https://americascivilwarrising.org/italy-did-it-new-bombshell-evidence-reveals-who-how-and-from-where-our-election-was-stolen-video/

    I also suggest you watch the Trumps arrive in Florida after White House departure – YouTube

     Obama is behind it all.  He apparently used $400 million of money slated for Iran as  a slush fund to bribe a lot of people.
    It was also he who brought in the Dominion voting machines in 2012 through an anti-trust divestiture of ES&S machines  See the Nationalfile story based on the report of Dana Jill and Jim Simpson in Canada. (This story needs more corroboration, but read the spin-offs.

    Maria Zack said to get this story out any way you can. Be aware that the social media thought police i.e. “fact checkers” who will try to confuse and debunk as they are funded by George Soros, Bill Gates and others of their ilk.

  2. I think weve listened to a lot of BS & we the American People deserve to know the truth. Everybody talks about President Trump & calls all mistakes are his no matter what. He’s been blamed for everything. I want the truth & I stand for my God he will have the victory anyways!

  3. This information is being subverted by YouTube, et al. Did anyone on Wednesday hear that Giuliani was waiting for critical information during the electoral count for Biden? I believe this was the information he was waiting for.

  4. I was going to ask why this is not being reported by ANY newspaper, news channel etc but I think we all know why. If true this is of enormous importance but not a tweet anywhere. Has any of this been presented to the courts?

    1. This is all part of the psy-op plan. No truth revealed. Truth revealers taken down WITHOUT CAUSE. This information has ALREADY appeared in an Italian newspaper. The signed affidavit re interference in this election has been verified. More likely this would still be in Grand Juries except, of course, if the evidence Sidney Powell presented included the info re the Vatican satellite connection. Obama has been running a shadow presidency throughout Trump’s administration. He is a traitor.

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