Flash-Frozen Civilization Found In Antarctica Of Elongated ‘Paracas’ Skulls [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – The Leak Project’s Rex Bear interviews Joseph Five Eagles Reyna, author of the book, ‘Incredulous’, released in June 2016 and currently ranking quite high on Amazon.com, with great reviews.

Although not the focus of this book, Reyna’s main focus as a researcher is on the origins of humankind and the apparent ongoing manipulation of human DNA by off-world beings. His research is based on many sources, including Old Testament scriptures (Torah).

Buckle your seat belts for some super-strange revisionist history, as Bear has Reyna describe a “Pre-Adamic” race preceding Homo sapiens. They were characterized by elongated skulls, very much resembling the surviving representations of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Akhenaten, with elongated skulls. Hundreds of such skulls which are not the result of deliberate cranial deformation that have been excavated all over the world, notably in Paracas, Peru. Reyna goes on to describe what’s happening in Antarctica, the deal President Eisenhower struck with a regressive group of extraterrestrials, human abductions, the alien hybrid project, quasars, catastrophism, what caused the end of the last Ice Age and more.

You don’t have to agree with Reyna to be entertained by his storytelling.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV March 2017

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