Are juicing leafy greens worth it?

juicingIs it really worth juicing leafy greens and drinking them on a daily basis? Or is it better to eat greens than drink greens?

There are many contradictory statements by various experts so it’s difficult to determine the truth. Who to believe? Should you drink smoothies at all times or eat fruit and vegetables as is?

Why people juice leafy greens

Drinking healthy smoothies is something more and more are doing, especially those looking for healthy alternatives to stay fit. We hear every day that eating greens are so important for our health. With juicing you get important health benefits within each smoothie.

It’s much less time consuming to juice vegetables than cook them, especially given the time constraints most individuals operate under these days. We spend most of our lives hurrying and scurrying around to meet the various responsibilities we accrue as adults.  Obviously if we’re in a time crunch it’s much easier to get the health benefits of fruit and veggies by simply making a smoothie.

The benefits of leafy green smoothies

♦  You get all the nutrients you need on a daily basis. If you don’t like eating vegetables making them into a delicious smoothie takes away the reluctance to consume vegetables.

♦  It’s faster to make than preparing vegetables for an evening meal. The time savings for preparation are real.

♦  It is a great, natural energy booster that keeps you energized throughout the day.

♦  It’s easy to make use of a juicer for leafy greens to convert any vegetable into a tasty liquid form

♦  Juicing veggies boosts your immune system and ensure healthy bones and heart.

♦  It’s a perfect breakfast that ensures you remain feeling full longer. This assists in keeping the weight off.

The downside about these smoothies you need to know.

♦  When you juice you only get juice. All the health benefits from fiber and skin are lost.

♦  Too much of a good thing can be bad. While it’s healthy to drink a smoothie once or twice a day it’s not beneficial to juice ALL your meals. In fact, it can be dangerous to your health over time.

♦  Certain medications taken for chronic conditions can be influenced negatively if food intake is limited to green smoothies

Conclusion – juicing leafy greens is worth it

Are juicing leafy greens worth it? Yes, it’s worth it as long as you don’t overdo it. If you don’t like eating vegetables to begin with, juicing is obviously more beneficial than going without leafy greens altogether.

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