Are you thinking forward or backwards?

attentionIf you want to manifest, your emphasis and thinking has to always be forward. It means thinking of new possibilities and what is positively in the process of manifesting, and never being bogged down in the past and things which are no longer relevant.

That is what it means to be a deliberate creator. Your emphasis and thinking is always what is in the process of becoming, and then it becomes real for you.

Here are some steps to help you here:

1. Make the mornings count to get your juices flowing more easily

If you make your mornings count, you will set yourself up to positively manifest. You are thinking forward here because you are accomplishing something at the start of your day, setting yourself to accomplish even more.

The mornings is how you release the superconscious activity of your mind. To help with this, think about going to bed a little earlier every night to help you get up for the day.

2. Plan every single day, and follow through with that plan

Having a detailed plan is a brilliant way to set your whole day up for success. It means you become action and goal orientated, which are vital components which lead to manifestation.

3. Live in the moment and focus on the here and now

Living in the moment means putting your whole attention on the here and now. The beauty is this will strengthen and allow you to access more of your subconscious mind power. As that rises to the surface, your manifesting ability will improve automatically.

4. Be mindful of where you are putting your attention. Where focus goes, energy flows

There are so many things out there which can distract and suck away your attention without you even knowing. For you to move above and beyond to success, it’s extremely important that you be mindful of where you are putting your focus and attention.

Turn off your smartphone and place it far away from you during the day. Use blocker apps on your tablet, Mac or PC to stay away from time wasting websites and apps.

Spending the time constructively is how you get ahead. You will begin to leverage on top of your manifesting ability, and create amazing opportunities this way.

SF Source Thoughts Inspire Apr 2020

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