Ascension 101 – The Basics [Video]

ascension Jennifer Hoffman – One of our misconceptions about ascension is that it is a vertical path into peace, joy, love, and abundance. That’s what makes the process around ascension so confusing because often our journey into ascension is anything but peaceful, joyful, loving, and abundant. If your experience is like mine, it has involved some of my most frustrating, painful, challenging times and I often wondered whether I was doing something wrong.

I wasn’t, it’s the wrong and misleading information we receive about the process that makes it so confusing and frustrating. The upward rise to higher levels of energy frequency and vibration is only part of the journey, the expansion that is part of the alignment, integration, and mastery is the other part that no one talks about.

In this first video I describe how the 3D/5D ascension energy integration works beginning with understanding the veil between the spiritual and material worlds, what happened to remove it, and how that makes it easier for us to integrate energy and expand our energy field. You’ll also learn what happens when you ‘run out of energy road’ and how that is the point where you issue an invitation to receive more energy downloads.

In Part 2 I talk about energy downloads and how we expand our light and our energy field.

In these two videos you’ll get an understanding of the ascension cycle and how it works. I hope it also helps you understand why different aspects of this journey can be so difficult and how you can use this information to manage your ascension process by considering all of the aspects involved so when the challenges arise you understand that they are part of the process and you’re not making any mistakes. See the entire journey as a whole process and avoid getting stuck in the hard places, they are stepping stones to new potentials.

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