Another Video They Don’t Want You To See [video]

Sean – A pill. A shot. Surgery. Are there alternative and sometimes even better ways to treat the things that ail us than what we’re offered from western medicine?

Dr. Roby Mitchell thinks so. He practices what he calls “intelligent design medicine”, and in this interview we reveal a few things that you can do TODAY to begin improving your health, and potentially to even cure what ails you. This is another SGT Report video the FDA doesn’t want you to see.

SF Source SGTreport Dec 2018

Engineered Organisms To Detect Submarines…

geo-engineeringJoseph P Farrell – In a world gone insane with scientismists and their schemes – witness only the recent story about spraying the atmosphere to dim the Sun to help combat “climate change” (what could possibly go wrong, huh?) long after the spraying has already commenced – comes this story shared by Ms. M.W. and many others, that the Pentagon is seeking to engineer oceanic life forms for a variety of purposes, one of which is to detect submarines:

The US Military Is Genetically Engineering New Life Forms To Detect Enemy Subs

I rank this one right up there with the military’s attempts to bug cats and create miniature artificial insects with electronic eavesdropping capability – bugs with bugs – to literally be a fly on the wall to listen in to other people’s conversations, or an effort from yesteryear to train dolphins with mines to blow up enemy ships, and so on. Continue reading “Engineered Organisms To Detect Submarines…”

Reasons to avoid the flu shot

flu shotEthan Huff – In case you haven’t noticed, every Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS in the country is once again in fear-mongering mode when it comes to pushing their customers to get the flu shot. But for all of the reasons that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that Americans should just roll over and take the seasonal jab, there’s plenty more scientific reasons not to – the following 10 reasons topping the list:

One (1) of them is that most flu shots still contain neurotoxic mercury in the form of thimerosal. While many other childhood vaccines have had thimerosal mostly removed from their ingredients lists, save for “trace amounts,” flu shots are among the remaining holdouts – even though there’s admittedly no safe amount of mercury that can be injected into the human body. Continue reading “Reasons to avoid the flu shot”

Relax… You are guided

loveThe Angels – If only you knew how deeply you were loved you would wake up every morning expecting to receive help from the universe, expecting your day to flow smoothly and gracefully, and feeling free to embrace another joyous day of life!

Unfortunately so many of you were not raised to expect love, help, and assistance from the creator and the angels. Many of you were raised with the belief that you had to “earn” God’s love, that you had to approach the angels only with “higher” requests, and that you shouldn’t “bother” the Divine with trivialities. In fact, nothing could be farther than the truth. You are loved. You are guided. You are worthy. You don’t need to earn love. It is freely given, at all times.

The question is not, “Are you loved? Are you guided?” but rather are you open to receiving this love and guidance? Continue reading “Relax… You are guided”

The Great Awakening

consciousnessDreama Vance – There is a great awakening happening as we live our daily lives today. Unseen by human eye and unacknowledged by news media, there is a tidal wave of change gathering in our midst. Even many spiritual seekers are confused by what is actually taking place. Often this is because they have been misdirected in their search, or they have not matured enough in their growth to have the deeper understanding necessary to actually be aware of the energy, or to perceive the higher frequencies of consciousness. This is neither a good nor a bad thing; it simply is where humanity is in their understanding.

However, this wave of energy, this tidal wave, is cresting. In this wave that is sweeping over the Earth, we are being Gathered.

I don’t know if you can feel it, or if you are aware of it, but we are being gathered up in this waveform. It has everything to do with consciousness. It has nothing to do with religions, sects, or creeds. It is consciousness that is responding to this calling.

Continue reading “The Great Awakening”