Avalon Rising 2021: World Ascension Summit

Open – Amidst the great challenges faced in society right now, Gaia is progressively shifting consciousness and ascending out of the confusion into a New Vibrational Paradigm in the 5th Density.

What exactly is going on? How exactly is Gaia Shifting from 3D to 5D and how is it affecting all our lives?

There’s much confusion and misunderstanding. Hosted by Openhand, Avalon Rising 2021 is an opportunity to explore the multidimensional landscape of the 5D Ascension Shift. Join this Online World Ascension Summit of Pioneering Souls all shifting consciousness and transforming life on the planet.

Avalon Rising Program: 6th-9th August 2021

During the time of the opening of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate: there will be a series of online gatherings, sharings, presentations and active entertainment to inspire your 5D Ascension Shift

Presentation content: The New 5D Evolution of Humanity — Nature of the 5D Ascension Shift — Starsoul Guidance & Support from the Benevolent Mission — Illuminating Ancient Homo Sapiens Karma — Galactic Superwave/Solar Nova Event — Understanding the 11:11 Synchronicity — Creating our New Reality from 5D

Meditations: Awakening Soul Frequencies & 5D DNA — Processing Ancient Homo Sapiens Karma — Activating Kundalini and the Spirit Light Body

Entertainment: Jont the Musical Troubador — Transcendence with Gongmaster Huzy — Conscious Dance Frequencies with Aspasia Awakenings

Live Q & A: with Open and the Team

For more information and to book your ticket visit here 

SF Source Openhand Web May 2021

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