Emerging From Denial

2012IndyInfo | May 29 2012

As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent.

Now, in direct opposition to the ever-increasing attempts to confound the public, the incoming cosmic energies serve to balance the situation by opening the flood gates of human awareness, deliberately stimulating you to pay closer attention to a new source of information stemming from deep inside.

As this all-powerful inner-knowledge genie emerges, newly realized psychic and intuitive abilities will help you to achieve levels of personal empowerment that will assist you in dealing with the spiritual dynamics of the transformation.

With humanity’s inner abilities strengthened and unleashed, the truth, on all levels, will be increasingly difficult to hide.

As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent.

For those who refuse to acknowledge what is occurring, the years ahead will not be easy.

However, with everything moving at an ever-increasing pace, all forms of consciousness entrained with the awakening aspects of the acceleration can achieve massive leaps in conscious awareness and learn how to manage their newly unveiled mental, emotional and intuitive capabilities.

Eventually, it will be apparent that all forms of consciousness engaged with 3-D reality are learning extremely valuable, if sometimes volatile lessons concerning the effects and ramifications of playing with the power of subtle energies.

As the acceleration progresses, your solar system will traverse new areas of space that carry important codes of consciousness for understanding that all life is sacred, and that life ripples outward and coexists with you in the same space, separated only by a barrier of time.

It is most important to be aware of these connections, yet quite another to experience them first hand.

Your biological vehicle is a very sophisticated code-reading device for analyzing the environment, and as a spiritual being you occupy your body for the purpose of interacting with and immersing yourself in the exquisite system of nature.

As a human being you are a physical creature of nature; nature sustains you and without it you cannot exist in your present form. You are part of a massive dance of energy that chooses to differentiate itself from the cosmic mind to experience this dimension, as well as many others.

When you take a holiday to a foreign land you become immersed in new experiences that catalyze you to learn more about yourself; when you come to Earth you have similar goals and intentions.

For billions of years in your terms, various forms of consciousness have been drawn here to experience the rich intricacies of physical reality. While you are here, you share space with many other legitimate realities that are layered and linked to you, somewhat like fine French crepes.

Each reality has a pronounced border, laced with its own rich filling; each layer and its filling are separate yet still connected to form a larger structure of consciousness,
a multidimensional version of reality that is far grander than what is readily apparent.

The flowering of your inner knowledge and psychic senses are tools for accessing new wisdom for navigating these changing times, and once you entrain with these abilities,
it will be difficult to imagine how on Earth you got along without them.

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