Barr to Indict [Video]

BarrAlexandra Bruce – Coming to grips with the possibility of underground alien bases on Earth has been less disturbing for me than walking away from being a Democrat, in the middle of this rolling coup. It didn’t help that there wasn’t anyone to talk to about it, as most of my family and friends were now looking at me like I was a Nazi.

When I saw the incredible lock that these high tech coup plotters have on communications, from the Mainstream Media to social media to Internet algorithms; how they control payment processors, from Chase Bank to VISA to Patreon; how they’ve demonetized and de-platformed dissenters big and small, from Alex Jones to Milo Yannopoulos to me, and when I saw them take down Roseanne Barr, creator and lead actress of what was the most successful network TV show, whose 40-year career and reputation now counted for nothing because she supported the President and played a Trump supporter on TV, there was very little else that I thought was as pressing.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve lost 1,600 subscribers, many of whom had become alienated by the side I took in this unprecedented psychological civil war and coup attempt. Many of those who unsubscribed expressed anger at my “Right Wing” opinions. It’s all so surreal. I was a Left Wing Liberal my whole life, until this attempted overthrow of the US Government from within ripped the scales off my eyes.

So, here are the highlights of several videos I wanted to run this past week but which I didn’t because I didn’t want to offend anybody. It was put together by my favorite new YouTube channel, Fight Globalism.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV May 2019

One thought on “Barr to Indict [Video]

  1. Sadly, the take down of websites pointing to the TRUTH continues to occur at a rapid pace. Just recently, Jon Rappaport; Dues Nexus; Jean Haines “2012” blog; and “The Burning Blogger of Bedlam” were disappeared, forever.

    It may be worthwhile for those still on the ‘net to save PDF’s of each page of their websites before it all goes away. That way, things can be saved once we reach the other side of this. Those who have lost their sites have lost EVERYTHING they had on them, with no recourse – and they were all on Word Press.

    Most browsers on the upper right allow for a “print” option, that allows for the current page the cursor is on to be saved as a PDF. If anyone has specific articles that they want to save the entire content of, then they will have to open that link and save each article separately.

    Still, it can be done, though it is tedious. I am sure there are ways for the owners of websites to save an entire site’s contents; but what I just outlined *anyone” can do with any website they enjoy. I have done that with some articles here.

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