Life’s Goal Is Manifestation Of The True Self

selfVeronica – Coming into physical reality one expects to be challenged in many ways.  Ideally it is desired for the journey to be one of clear sailing.  Embracing the ability to create what is desired by the incarnate with ease.  However, as all of you know, it’s usually never easy.

Every day all of you use your thoughts to solidify dramatics and objects in the linear.  Many are successful, but there are those who find the manifestations elusive.  A person’s sense of self is often defined as the ego.  All hear often the pitfalls of the ego.  ‘Beware of the ego, it can derail your ascension to a higher frequency’.  Yes all of that can be true.

The ego, however, is the mediator between your conscious and unconscious awareness.  Whether one likes it or not, the ego is an integral part of your incarnation.  Propelling your soul through the reality is its purpose.  Again, the ego can get caught up in its quest by over indulging in its self importance.  It’s always a fine balance during the life.

The culture at this time is extremely focused upon material items.  Often that focus can turn negative and disruptive.  The focus required to be in this dense reality can lead to one forgetting their true intentions.

This  leads us to your true self.  The core of your existence is nestled deep within your body.  It’s focus and purpose is to fulfill the larger landscape.  The true self has access to the vast span of experience your soul possesses.  It sees the field of possibilities and participates from a more expansive canvas.

Focused deep within the linear the ego focuses upon the immediate.  A template of possibility is available, but the limited scope often makes the ego decide poorly when in manifestation mode.

This leads to the interruption of creation when one is attempting to manifest something.  It is important to remember that the ego and the true self often have very different ideas about what is important to create.  The ego seeking that immediate moment, while the true self considering the whole picture may disagree.

Being aware of your true self in all linear creations can aid in the ability to bring forth both your purpose and intentions.  Attempt if you will to step back from the physical to see if the item/event/person you are trying to manifest can be in harmony with both the ego and the true self.

Never easy.

We know.

Decide to expand your awareness to the level of your essence.  While physical you will need to consider the totality of your energy.  Manifesting from just the ego may make whatever you desire more elusive.  Do not consider just yourself….. consider the total package of your soul, both physical and nonphysical.

Consider and implement.”

SF Source Inner Whispers Mar 2019

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