Beliefs are your Truth [w/ Videos]

beliefsJennifer Hoffman – I recently heard someone say ‘your thoughts create your reality’ on a YouTube video and that bothered me because while your thoughts contribute to the process of creating your reality, they are not 100% responsible for it. That’s like someone giving you a tire and calling it a car. You need a lot of other components to be able to have a fully functional, drive-able car. Beliefs are the foundation of your energetic and material reality so understanding and knowing your belief system is what will get you unstuck, moving forward, and flowing in your miracle zone.

What are beliefs? They are those things that we accept as true whether or not they really are. If I believe I can’t do something I won’t try to do it, even if I haven’t made an attempt to do it to know whether or not it is possible for me. This is how strong beliefs are and why they form the foundation of our individual and collective realities as all of your thoughts, words, and actions depend on your beliefs.

In the videos below I have created a short course on beliefs and how they impact your life.

Think of a belief you have, something that you think ‘always’ or ‘never’ or ‘cannot’ happen. Pay attention to your emotions and to how you feel when you say it. Does your energy go up or down?For example, do you say something like “I always have the worst luck and bad things always happen to me?”  Does it make you feel helpless? Now think of something you would really like to do or a change you would to make in your life. What is your first thought about it?

That it won’t happen, can’t happen, it will be impossible, what will people say, how will it happen? You may say something like ‘I know that can’t happen’ and you won’t try because you already know you will fail (even if you have not tried). Since we try to avoid failure, rejection, and humiliation, we do not go in any direction that may result in those things.

What do we do? To move out of the 360 degree reality we create with our beliefs, which means starting at one point and going around the circle of limitation back to the starting point, we must be willing to take one step out of that circle, to go beyond 360, to create a new reality that takes our potential beyond the limitations of our existing beliefs and experience into the realm of what is possible. Yes you may have the belief that you cannot do something but what if you try it anyway just to see if you can? You might be surprised.

Beliefs are the foundation of our reality and any change or transformation we consider must start with the beliefs which create the reality we are no longer happy with to open us to the potential of a reality that brings us joy and fulfillment. If you’re ready to shift from the limitations of the past into the expansive potential of the future, watch the videos below and see if you can shift a belief to transform your reality into your 3D/5D integrated ’heaven on earth’.

Beliefs are the foundation of your reality and this video explains why thoughts do not create your reality (although they participate in it) because thoughts arise from beliefs. Anything you want to change requires a change in your belief system or the change will not happen because it will not have any support or energetic alignment.

In this second video we explore what is in your ‘belief basket’, the collection of beliefs you use to create your reality. Every intention for transformation, ascension, 3D/5D integration, and change must have a corresponding belief that supports it. Otherwise, alignment will not exist and you will not be able to create the change you want.

In this video you’ll learn why I say ‘Beliefs are what you know to be true, even if it is not true.” A belief is true for you so it creates your reality according to its true. Is it true? Well, it represents your experience but not your potential. Beliefs are based on past experience; potential must be grounded in new truths, no matter what our past experience has been.

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2 thoughts on “Beliefs are your Truth [w/ Videos]

  1. Support of this view point can be linked by Looking at the present research on:
    “Electron – Eating Bacteria”
    Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy
    Unlike any other life on Earth, these extraordinary bacteria use energy in its purest form – they eat and breathe electrons – and they are everywhere

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    One can simply use words and sentences of the human language!
    This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.

    {Guess who is the wireless phone communicator between you and your DNA?}
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    This bacterium breathes oxygen when it is available, but in the muddy banks of the lake where oxygen is scarce it instead passes its electrons directly onto manganese oxide, producing a stream of electricity. It can do the same thing with other metals like iron.
    The bacteria nearest to the electrode will even grow biological equivalents of electrical wires out of their bodies, so that other microbes further away can hook up to the electricity source. It is effectively a living power grid.
    They do this through special hair-like wires that protrude from the cell’s surface. These tiny wires act in much in the same way that copper wire does when it conducts electricity. They have been dubbed “microbial nano-wires”.

    Go Ahead Research This Yourself. Start at the Roots of it all ..

    “ENERGY – BASED Comprehension of Nature”

    “Nature” is not For you or Against you…. It just is
    It’s Gotta Be Done

    An Energy – Based Language /Perception of Communication!!!

    An “Energy-in-Motion View” in place of the worn out “Emotional Drama Based View”

  2. Keep it simple,false thought’s and beliefs are ingrained into the ego/personality,from an early age from the ‘wrong way of thinking’ system.

    As one awakens at some point,they process over and over again,until they correlate right thought with the correct belief.

    It’s all about processing,there’s no short cut,it’s the road more traveled.

    You think/manifest what you believe to be true,right or wrong,energy is intent.

    PROCESS and process until you get the answer,not procrastinate!

    Don’t over think things!It’s just process everyone has to endure to the right way of thinking.: )

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