Ben Fulford (August 4 2014) ~ It Is Time To Briefly Summarize The Recent History Of The Ongoing Battle For The Planet Earth

“What the Fed controlled G7 nations and their tiny group of allies still control are the world’s largest armed forces, the global illegal drug trade, most of the corporate mass media, the United Nations and the directorship of many of the world’s largest corporations. They also have a network of about 1 million enablers peppered throughout academia, the media, government agencies and most importantly, the financial system.” B Fulford

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAs readers are aware, there has been a war raging over the process of deciding what we as a species do in the future. Since the war is coming to an end, it is a good time to look back and see who is fighting and what the stakes are.

Essentially what we are seeing is a battle between the fascist forces who lost World War II and everybody else. The fascists, also known as the Nazis /Zionists or Nazionists are trying to establish a family controlled absolute Babylonian style world dictatorship known as the New World Order. Everybody else is trying to prevent that from happening.

It is hard to know where to draw a line and say the battle started here because as far as the Nazionists are concerned World War II never ended. It is well known now many were brought to the United States where they heavily infiltrated the intelligence apparatus. We also know much of the top Nazi leadership was part of the group of families that controlled the financial system after the war.

In case, one good time to start is 1994 because that is when the 50 year Bretton Woods mandate for the US, the UK and France to control the global financial system expired.

Looking back, 1994 was a year of great hope and optimism. The cold war had ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the United States, champion of democracy, human rights and capitalism, was the sole super-power.

However, instead of ushering in an era of world peace and prosperity, the United States acted like a violent rapist criminal who had just taken the world family hostage. First the US broke all the peace keeping rules set up after World War II to dismember Yugoslavia in order to steal its mineral resources. Then the former Soviet Union was plunged into poverty and despair as Zionist oligarchs looted its natural resources.

Behind the scenes, attempts were being made to force the families that owned the Federal Reserve Board to hand over their control of the world’s financial system to a more representative group. This push was led by the Chinese royal families who had agreed a century earlier to finance, with their gold, a grand sociological experiment to create a world government.

There was a lawsuit brought against the families that own the Federal Reserve Board, i.e. the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Mellons, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds etc. to hand back gold that was deposited with them in 1938. News reports from the time confirm that US warships did evacuate gold from Kuomintang China to keep it out of Japanese hands. The gold was traded for 60 year US government bonds and after the 60 years ended the gold was supposed to be handed back.

The Americans argued that Nixon gave to gold to communist China in the 1970’s so they were under no obligation to return it. The Fed families lost the lawsuit and were ordered to return the gold starting on September 12, 2001.

Instead the Feds gave the world the proverbial finger by blowing up the world trade center building, staging a fascist coup in the United States and declaring a never ending war on terrorism. This was followed by invasion, pillaging and mass murder in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There was also an attempt to kill most of the world’s population with racially specific bio-weapons such as SARS and bird flu. This was accompanied by an attempt to create mass starvation by paying Western farmers to grow fuel instead of food. So we can see the Fed families have already tried to murder most of humanity.

In their own twisted minds these families thought they would be “saving nature” and improving the human gene pool by eliminating “useless eaters.”

That is why the members of these Fed families, Richard Rockefeller, Richard Mellon Scaife, several Warbugs and others have begun dying recently. It is not clear if these deaths are accidental or otherwise but clearly there are a lot of victims of the Fed who want restitution.

There was a big faction in the Western secret elite that argued paying third world countries money to preserve their forests was a way to save nature without mass murder. This was the faction behind Al Gore and the pseudo-scientific global warming CO2 campaign.

They lost because the genocidal Nazis controlled the armed forces and global criminal gangs so they used threats of murder to steal the year 2000 election for George Bush Jr.

The Asian families fought back by withholding money from the United States. They also revived the non-aligned nations’ alliance and teamed up with the former Soviet bloc to form what is now the 190 nation BRICS alliance. They thus control 90% of the world’s population and 68% of its GDP.

What the Fed controlled G7 nations and their tiny group of allies still control are the world’s largest armed forces, the global illegal drug trade, most of the corporate mass media, the United Nations and the directorship of many of the world’s largest corporations. They also have a network of about 1 million enablers peppered throughout academia, the media, government agencies and most importantly, the financial system.

However, it looks like Germany is ready to break ranks with the Feds and if it does, France and most of Europe will follow. Change has already happened at a high level to the extent that the Queen of the Netherlands, the Kings of Belgium and Spain and the German Pope Maledict have resigned. There are clear signs of reform taking place in these countries under the new regimes. For example, Euros are now being used to pay for Russian gas despite a US Fed calls for a boycott.

In addition, the pentagon has turned against the Feds at least to the extent that they passively resist attempts to con them into wars in places like Syria, Iran and East Asia. The people of the United States are also on the verge of revolution against the Fed families and their Babylonian slave driver network based on secret societies and religious cults.

As Chairman Mao said, “all it takes is a spark to start a prairie fire.” What that spark will be remains to be seen but, the best hope for the people of the United States is that the middle ranks of the US military remove corrupt generals and then start mass arrests of everybody involved in the 911 attack on New York. This can be done within the framework of military law because there are provisions for removing traitors from the ranks, even at the highest level such as supreme commander.

The other thing the military must do is nationalize the Federal Reserve Board and start issuing government money to replace Fed debt slavery notes. This is mandated in the constitution of the Republic of the United States of America. Failing to do this is treason.

If the military does not move, there will be civil war in the United States with militias fighting against militarized police forces working for the Fed cabal. It is just a matter of time.

9 thoughts on “Ben Fulford (August 4 2014) ~ It Is Time To Briefly Summarize The Recent History Of The Ongoing Battle For The Planet Earth

  1. Poor Mary? Yes, all of us need help in different ways. I need help in getting people to believe me. I know the biblical event and I need people to hear me out.. I am tired of people diberately shutting me up and diverting my life. However, the biblical event that Ben’s gnostic illuminati talk about has happened already i believe. It just needs to be revealed in a court of law. It is a comedy or errors or coincidences that defy belief. The miracle is purely in the odds and it is partly down to the fact that I escaped from being murdered. It will bring down the cabal. It is the people inbetween that are fighting because there are two paths, like an either/or situation. The US wins and life reurns to pre-credit crisis, the Russians win and BRICs start printing the world’s reserve currency, they both lose, Soros wins and they both come under the control of the NWO and Rothschild is history. The other biblical part of it is the sacrifice required. Very large sums of money are available from both BRICs and Feds as a payoff. That is why Soros is putting as much subtle diversion into my life as possible to avoid me making contact with the cabal. I have a brain and I have the same vision, but I am not altruistic like a billionaire because of necessity. But Soros doesn’t trust me because i don’t like the fact that his wife is half his age. He needs me to be destitute for his plan to work. He doesn’t want me to pay the witness who knows Soros has a guilty secret. This obviously doesn’t endear me to Soros. He needs to consider compensation before I help him, but compensation looks like an admission of guilt….catch 22.

  2. I wasn’t ranting or dreaming. I was trying to be informative. My ideas may not be 100% correct but I would like to see if anyone else can see what I think is obvious.
    I also think I know some of the people that Ben talks about and I am trying to confirm this.
    Perhaps I know the elaborate and mind-bending series of coincidences that has put the world in its current predicament. This is the reason for describing it as biblical….only in the sense that Einstein said that coincidence is God’s way of leaving evidence of himself (forget the quote exactly). The gnostic illuminati is a bit of a drama queen (if it’s who i think it is).

    1. I though your comment was well thought out and good…and reminded me of what a wag said when Napoleon was defeated, “He bored God.”
      Lots of swaggering self anointed people may be close to the edge of that one now too!!

  3. Thank you for the explanation. This is exactly how I see the world too. However, the people behind BRICS are the same people behind the Feds and it has something to do with Israel.

    Yes, there are the three groups you described loosley labelled the Feds, BRICs and the NWO. Feds represent the old system where American families control the printing of money. This generates a personal income for them through a mechanism called inflation. Every time they run out of money they print more, thus making every country with reserve dollars pay. What are they paying for? The US army and US social security. The split depends on which party is in power and how many crises occur to increase military budget. So, one of these families made contact with Russia. The recent merger of BP and Rosneft should give you a clue. They decided that Russia’s untapped oil was a good reason to suck all the money out of the USA (credit crisis) and make Russia or China the money printing nation. It is the same model but Russians and/or Chinese could now expect a US standard of living and the rest of the world will be paying for it.

    Who arranged the Rosneft accounts to make this possible? Well, i have reason to believe this was the person to refer to as gnostic illuminati. I have just worked out who this is. This convinces me further that I have actually met you under a different name Ben and I know who the female agents you refer to are too. If the gnostic illuminati said to expect something biblical then that is what you should expect. The idea is that everyone goes free except the eye. The person behind BRICs and BIS and the feds is the same person. He can pitch Russia against the US. The Germans think BRICs are going to win. There is only one person who can answer that.

    NWO is about fairness and removal of inflation. It may seem over controlled but if you prefer the planet to be ruled by one individual who is ripping you off then that is up to you.

    I have reason to believe the people behind recent attacks on malaysia airlines are very opposed to the Malaysian government’s belief in a gold dinar system…similar to NWO idea. These are the pro inflationists. Lending money is based on a fractionnal reserve ratio. All countries have a ratio of about 1:5 or 1:10. The bank of England has a ratio of ‘discretionary and unlimited’. I think this is another clue. I believe the recent press about controlling influential figures through child molestation and blackmail is a genuine system.

    Print this and i know you genuinely believe in biblical events.

  4. This morning st my credit union a 90 year old black lady in a cute housedress was very upset because her Social Security check had not been deposited and her rent was due.
    I read these brilliant ideas but they are mega visions. I wonder if Uncle Sam is going to hurt people like her first. She and her friend were making jokes about Obama and the incompetence everywhere…they were going to the SS office to check out the problem. But we all know what a humiliating ordeal that is…a fully armed guard with club and firearm won’t even allow questions…only gives orders to the hapless souls watching numbers on the screen.
    We are talking about the best, most positive assets to our collective nation here…I want to know if she got her rent paid today. Perhaps I can ask tomorrow at the credit union…that’s one of the best things about those humble institutions. I can say, “How’s Mary…did her check come in from Social?” And they will treat me a lot better than the guard at Social Security.
    I wish these BIG DREAMERS all over the blog sphere would talk more God’s beloved poor like Mary.

    1. “I wish these BIG DREAMERS all over the blog sphere would talk more God’s beloved poor like Mary.”

      I agree, Deanna. However, I count Mary among the blessed of God’s beloveds. She’s lucky compared with the poor beloveds getting murdered in Gaza. At least Mary will live to find out how her SS check fares. At Israel’s murderous clip some Palestinians are guaranteed not to have her opportunity tomorrow. g

      1. Why were Palestinians not welcomed as refugees in those vast Arab lands in 1948? Why have they been held as pawns? Who funded and built those huge concrete tunnels in Gaza? Why is there no mention of Israeli doctors and the good they have done?
        This scab is scratched every few years and many people die…but who keeps the wounds open? I find this all a big secret…Israelis and Palestinians seldom know much themselves. Some try to hep build bridges, other just insult each other with vile expressions of contempt. But what’s at bottom?
        Nobody is helped by anti semitic rants or anti-Palestinian arrogance…that only feeds the beast. The “thing” must be starved out with good will and some truth. Nobody’s tribe is improving or increasing right now…only losing ground.

  5. That is their hope and plan to have civil war once again in America, hopefully the gun owns will see it for what it is and not fall into that trap. They have pulled the strings of mass mutilation for too long ,even iron wears out. The world has had enough of being lead down that destructive path ,look all around you and see the fruits of such foolish actions. We are sick and tired of useless wars , sorry leaders and gangster banksters If they want blood shed let them go to the front lines and receive the bullets they have so readily supplied to the gullible.

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