Benefits of PayPal Slots

mobile casinoPaypal is a great online payment system that millions of people use around the world. It began as a method of payment designed for eBay, the online auction site, but it has evolved to be used in thousands of places across the world, both online and offline. All that is needed is an email address and a password (and a bank account or card to link the account to) and you can pay quickly and without fuss.

Around 140 million people around the world use Paypal to deposit with your phone and play in online casinos. So what is the draw and why do they choose this payment method over and above any others?

Peace Of Mind

One of the reasons why Paypal was invented, and why it is so popular today is that it is an extremely secure method of payment. It is virtually impossible for anyone to hack into your Paypal account, and if someone does then the main reason is that they discovered your password. So having a strong, impossible to guess password is always going to make your Paypal account a lot safer. As always, never tell your password to anyone, and always make sure you have a different password for every login you need.

The good news is, if anything did happen and someone was able to hack into your Paypal account, it should be dealt with quickly. You will be sent an email letting you know that your account was used to buy something. Most of the time these are emails you expect because you have used the account yourself, but if it’s not, you should log in to see what has happened and report the problem. Paypal guarantees your money back if anything like this happens.


Another huge benefit of Paypal is that it is convenient. It’s convenient no matter what you might want to use it for, and that includes online slots. You don’t have to have your debit card with you, nor do you have to know your bank details. So no matter where you are playing, or when, you can do it all from the computer, laptop, tablet, or phone you happen to be playing on. You don’t even have to move if you don’t want to.


Paypal is, to all intents and purposes, completely anonymous. You need to use your email address to pay, but you don’t have to offer any other personal details if you don’t want to, and that can be a relief for many who are nervous about an identity thief stealing their information while they are online.

The casino you are playing at will receive the money, but they won’t see your debit card details or bank account number, keeping you much safer.

There Are No Charges

Finally, using Paypal to pay to play online slots means not having to pay any additional charges. You simply pay what you want to pay for the gaming time you have and your budget, and that’s all. Extra fees would quickly mount up, so the fact that the player doesn’t have to pay them means that your slots budget can spread much further.

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