Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software

time tracking softwareDid you know that over 90% of employers use some kind of monitoring in the workplace (including time tracking software)? Do you sometimes wonder if this type of tool is suitable for you as well?

The chances are it probably is, since virtually any type of business benefits from using time trackers. In fact, use is so widespread everyone from developers to lawyers are using it.

Keep reading to discover the proven benefits of using time tracking software.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is the most obvious benefit of a web time tracking software. It’s also the one that’s most talked about, so we’re not going to get too deep into it. The point is that employees will become more productive just because they know they’re being tracked. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine the reasons for lack of productivity (lack of knowledge, lack of time, improper tools, etc.) and resolve them.

Project Optimization

Another benefit is project optimization. Even with a free project time tracking software, you’ll be able to track time spent on each task, and you’ll have a deep insight into your employees’ work.

You can use these insights to allocate tasks more appropriately, and optimize project delivery. For example, there’s something urgent to be changed, and you can easily check if there’s anyone on your team who can do it more efficiently than others. Also, after you’ve tracked a few projects, you’ll know exactly what were fallbacks and how can you resolve them in the future.

Fair Overtime Payments

Employee time trackers can also serve as time and attendance tools. With them, you can easily see when your employees clocked in and out. Some tools also allow you to set an hourly pay rate, as well as overtime pay rate, for every employee.

This way, the software can automatically calculate how much you’re due to pay everyone on your team, which makes the job for your accounting team a lot easier.

Improved Client Relationships

If you’ve been using your IT time tracking software for a while, you know exactly how long it takes you to complete each type of the project. So, when the client approaches you with a request for quote, you can tell them exactly how long the project will take.

Furthermore, there are software options which allow clients to login to the dashboard and check project progress. Besides for building a transparent relationship, this also serves as a great way of cutting down on client updates and excessive communication.

Process Optimization

While you’re tracking your employees’ work on a daily basis, you might notice processes that can be automated, or optimized in order to be completed more quickly. These will usually be tiny tasks, which don’t take up much time in the moment, but collectively can create bottlenecks in your projects.

Wrap Up

Whatever the reason you want to use a time tracker, it will probably bring you more than you expected. These benefits are a proof of it, and there’s even more of them, depending on what you’re looking to achieve by tracking time of your employees’.

Time tracking apps have helped many businesses achieve greatness, why wouldn’t they help you? There are many free time keeping apps, so you can use them as a test and see if they can really deliver what you’re expecting.

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