Best Brands Of Organic CBD Oil

 Organic CBD OilIf you’re like most people you wake up with aches and pains every day. For many, pain has become a constant, unwanted companion these days due to stress, weight, environmental factors and heredity.

There are numerous over-the-counter and prescription items available to help cope with what our body is throwing at us. However, a natural remedy is available and becoming more and more mainstream as health professionals and the general public alike are realizing it is not a bad thing!

CBD Oil is receiving much attention because of its amazing health benefits especially when it comes to getting pain relief. CBD or Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound, gives effective pain relief without making you feel ‘doped up’ or high. This is marijuana without the mind-altering drug part. Even if you use too much, that won’t have any impact on your body.

CBD Oil can help ease or eradicate the following symptoms:

Anxiety, worry, mental stress, depression

♦ Joint pain

♦ Sickness

♦ Rapid heart rate

♦ Intestinal issues

♦ Depression

♦ Seizures

♦ Chemotherapy side effects

There are CBD products everywhere now it seems, and so many brands of CBD Oil are on the market. How do you know which one to choose? Below we have compiled a list of the top 5 most popular brands currently. All the companies reviewed follow a transparent oil making process and use only organic product. Have a look at 5 best organic CBD oil reviews :

Royal CBD

Royal CBD uses only American-grown hemp. Using carbon dioxide in the extraction process ensures a superior end result! You can tell the high quality by the oil color. It has helped in improving my sleep quality.


♦ Obtained from US grown hemp

♦ Extracted through supercritical carbon dioxide

♦ Consists of cannabinoids and terpenes

♦ Lab-tested for purity and effectiveness

♦ Neutral flavor with no pungent smell

♦ Bottle sizes up to 1000mg


♦ Comes only in natural flavor


If you experience low to medium pain, CBDPure is the perfect choice for you. I would recommend you choose this brand or Royal CBD as they both sell excellent low to moderate potency products. They also guarantee you a 100% satisfaction program up to three months after purchasing.


♦ Obtained from organic Colorado-grown hemp

♦ Extraction process utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide

♦ Independent 3rd party lab-test for purity and quality

♦ 90 days for a full refund guarantee


♦ Low-moderate potency, perfect for chronic mild pain

♦ Small product selection

♦ Shipping service is not available in every statedue to state laws (ie: Louisiana, Indiana, Arkansas, Kansas)


Hempbombs maintains a 99% purity level in their products. It is available in five varying strengths ranging from 300 mg – 400 mg per bottle. They produce the CBD isolate, considered the purest form of CBD. Perfect for insomnia and severe pain. Product line includes edibles, supplements, vape oils, and tinctures.


♦ Obtained from European-grown organic hemp

♦ Extraction process utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide

Zero THC

♦ Available in 5 strengths- maximum of up to 400 mg

♦ Better value compared to full-spectrum extracts

♦ Independent 3rd party lab-test for purity and quality


♦ Its overdosage can be harmful for users

♦ Lacks synergistic effects


CBDistillery has built a reputation on the fact that people who need benefit from the synergistic effects of CBD will find relief with CBDistillery. This product comes in five strengths ranging from 250 mg to 500 mg of CBD per bottle. It gets the job done without putting unwanted THC in your body.


♦ Obtained from anti-GMO hemp

♦ Available as THC free and full-spectrum CBD Oil

♦ Great value!

♦ 5 different strengths to choose from


♦ Non-organic

♦ Comes in only one flavor

♦ Website is not user-friendly

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals comes with full-spectrum CBDs. Though they are priced higher than their competitors, you can choose from the various sizes available to meet your own needs. Up to 4850mg of CBD bottle available!


♦ Obtained from organic Colorado-grown hemp

♦ Extraction process utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide

♦ Full-Spectrum CBD

♦ Comes in maximum up to 4850mg per bottle


♦ Higher-priced compared to the other brands

♦ Narrow product range

To make the best pick, go for a well-informed purchase decision –

♦ Verify the Hemp Source

♦ Go for clean and potent extracts

♦ Read analysis of 3rd party lab reports

Here’s to your health!

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