Best Marriage Proposal Video Ideas!

Marriage ProposalEven if you aren’t a fan of rom-coms or emotionally charged novels, you’ve likely fantasized about receiving (or giving) a phenomenal marriage proposal. Especially in the age of social media, capturing this special moment will create a memory that you can revisit for the rest of your life.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is a video instead? The options are endless, but here are a few different ways to record your proposal.

Surprise Your Fiance With an Audience

One way to ensure that your spouse-to-be receives the proposal of their dreams is to include  friends and family. You can bounce ideas off those who know your partner best while also showering them with love and support.

If you’re able to recruit a few people as additional videographers, you can capture the event from different angles and edit the scenes together for the final product. Not only will your loved one be surrounded by all of his or her favorite people, you can create a multidimensional record that they will surely appreciate for years after the big day.

Hire a Secret Videographer

If your partner would prefer the proposal to be more intimate and private, you can hire a professional to record from the shadows. You won’t have to worry about giving your fiance stagefright, and the end product will be even more raw and authentic if they don’t know that they are being recorded.

Rather than simply enjoying the event in real time, both of you will be able to relive this moment as often as you want.

Capitalize on Your Destination

We’ve all heard about destination weddings, but what about destination proposals? You won’t have to worry about providing any ambience if your backdrop is a beachy sunset or famous skyline.

Everyone takes photos and videos while they’re on vacation. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone. The next time you’re reminiscing about that amazing trip you took, adding some scenes from your proposal will make those memories even more beautiful.

Include a Few Props

Who wouldn’t love to pet an adorable puppy just before they see a beautiful ring dangling from its collar? Or opening a book to find one handing from the spine? There are exquisite rings with different shapes, such as the baguette diamonds that brings that vintage flair to the picture along with your lovely puppy!

Using something your partner loves as an intro to popping the question will make the moment even more special and unique. Think about something that truly represents your potential fiance’s interests and personality, and use that in your proposal. Capturing the look on their face will make it that much more powerful, and you’ll show him or her how important that moment is for you as well.

In many cases, the moment you kick off your engagement is arguably more memorable and intimate than the ceremony itself. A large amount of thought and planning often goes into this sentimental milestone, so make sure get the most out of yours by getting it on video. Frame by frame, it’ll be a tangible memory that you and your future spouse can enjoy again and again.

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