Best Psychic Readings for First Timers

Psychic readings can either be a great way to spend time with friends or a way to get an insight into your future. It is hard though to find a psychic reader that is legit or is as legit as they come. There are several types of psychic readings that a first-timer can try. The types include mediums, palm reading, numerology, tarot reading, astrology, aura reading, and psychometry. Below you will find the mentioned list and what each of them mean, in order of the best psychic readings to the hardest for first-timers.

1. Numerology

For the skeptics, numerology involves more logic than the others. The psychic will create a ‘chart’ based on your name and birthday and will display ways on how to grow and mature according to your Life Path Number. This is largely dependent on the Pythagorean theorem’s creator, Pythagoras, and how he believed the world was controlled by numerology. This is one of the best for first-timers as it is more believable for those who are skeptical.

2. Palm Reading

Palm readings are one of the most common types of readings provided. Palm readers at Psychic San Diego HQ explain that it involves the shape of your hand, as well as the pattern of the lines that run through your palm and fingers. This gives you direct insight into your future and your possible destiny. This is also great for a first-timer as it very low-key and does not require the use of incantations.

3. Astrology

This is quite similar to reading your horoscope in the morning. Astrologers will take your birthdate into consideration and will determine the path in which your life will take. These are also quite laid-back and easy for first-timers to go through.

4. Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are very common; with the cards, the reader will be able to read each individual card and deduce them to how those tie in with your past, present, and future. These are good for second-timers since it is a bit more staggering than others.

5. Aura Reading

Aura readings are very specialized. They come in all different forms depending on the person. These are a bit more complicated and can also be better for second or third timers.

6. Mediums

Mediums are also known as seances, which involve direct contact with the spirits, specifically those who are deceased in your life. In some cases, you can also contact a deceased pet. The spirit can either take over your or your psychic’s body as to be able to physically converse with them. This can be a bit harsh for a first timer as it does become extremely overwhelming.

7. Psychometry

The reader who performs psychometry, must have a high level of clairsentience (a high level of intuition). These are extremely specific and are usually used to find missing people or to solve crimes.

Each type of psychic reading is great for something specific that you may need. They all in a way give you a clear sense into how your life should be, or help you overcome past, present, or future challenges!

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