Climate Engineering To Blame For Wildfires [Video]

climate engineeringAlexandra Bruce – The apocalyptic fires of Northern California have killed 81, destroyed 13,000 homes and caused the evacuation of 50,000 people and counting.

Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch joins Greg Hunter to weigh in on this holocaust and on the other sequela of high altitude aerosol spraying, including Alzheimer’s, which he says is from the bioaccumulation of aluminum by the populace.

“Most people know aluminum is harmful, so they’re worried about aluminum in deodorants, in cooking utensils and so forth. Inhaled aluminum is exponentially more harmful and we are absolutely, all of us inhaling these particulates. Our lab tests prove it.”

Wigington says that the population is becoming too cognitively impaired to even confront the issue, with average IQs having recently dropped by 6 to 9 points.

He says that the official narrative, that the California fires are happening because the forests are not being managed properly is nonsense. “Let’s look at statistical facts. The forest of Siberia have been untouched for millions of years. In the last ten years, the burn rate has increased 1,000%…so that narrative is absolutely false.”

He says “The single greatest causal factor that has set the stage for these epic wildfires all over the world is climate engineering. “This grid pattern spraying over…the Eastern Pacific, absolutely breaks up any storm formation and ensures no moisture will flow into the West.”

In addition to the aerosol spraying, Wigington says that facilities similar to the now-shuttered HAARP experimental facility in Alaska are “transmitting massively powerful microwave signals into the ionosphere…[causing] an electrical chain reaction that creates a high pressure heat dome…that blocks all the rain over the West.”

He says the environmental groups will not acknowledge the climate engineering issue for fear of losing their 501c(3) nonprofit status. Their fear ‘is so great that they won’t acknowledge the single greatest factor; single most environmentally-destructive factor…in regard to the wildfires…That denial is absolutely criminal.”

He says that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is not releasing their Freedom of Information Act requests. “What do we know from the FOIAs we’ve already gotten is that the so-called forecasts all the way down to the local meteorological and meteorologist level is nothing more than a script and that script is being passed down from the very top; ultimately from…Raytheon, who is a geoengineering patents-holder involved in the geoengineering programs and they’re passing down the scheduled weather script and we know this again from our FOIAs they’ve stated they want the consistency and message over accuracy.”

“There is an illegal federal gag order right now on all National Weather Service and NOAA employees…I want to state this on the record, so we don’t miss it…mathematically speaking, if all the consequences from climate engineering are considered, it is mathematically the single-greatest threat we collectively face, short of nuclear cataclysm.”

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Nov 2018

2 thoughts on “Climate Engineering To Blame For Wildfires [Video]

  1. Ms Alexandra no Mame those fires were not the cause of a “campfire” but of a
    DEW Direct Energy Weapon everything was melted glass,sinks,showers even
    people disappeared a mom and her daughter were taken out by this weapon
    trees don’t burn from the inside out Alexandra. Restaurants were taken out also
    if you were in its path back to the Spirit world

    1. Alexandra knows the source of the fires. She’s simply repeating the MSM lies concerning same while posting Dane’s analysis of same. Directed Energy Weapons are targeting humanity, and that’s a fact!

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