Terry (A Liberal Who Lost Son to Overdose) Tells Trump to Build the Wall! [Video]

border securityJoe Hoft – On Saturday hundreds of Missouri and Illinois patriots turned out to rally in support of President Trump, border security and The Wall!

The Missouri rally was announced just two days ago on Thursday.

On Saturday hundreds of local conservatives and those in support of US border security voiced their support for US President Donald Trump and his insistence on border security.

Local St. Louisan Terry B., who is a friend of this writer, agreed to speak at the rally on Saturday. Terry lost a child to heroin overdose 5 years ago. She has never spoken about her loss in public. Her son Jason was an athlete and a top student in high school.

Terry told the crowd on Saturday that she is an “embarrassed liberal” who did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Terry says after President Trump declared a national emergency on the opioid crisis Terry decided to support him in 2020. Trump was the only president who is actively taking on the opioid crisis in America.

Terry currently has a second child who is an addict.

This was a very brave talk by a woman who has suffered greatly because of our government’s open border policies. You won’t see Terry on the nightly news.

Update – Former police officer Gary Wiegert also spoke at the rally. He gave a great speech! Gary told the audience the city police deal with at least one overdose a day.

SF Source The Gateway Pundit Jan 2019

One thought on “Terry (A Liberal Who Lost Son to Overdose) Tells Trump to Build the Wall! [Video]

  1. The opiod crisis is just that, a crisis affecting young people, rich and poor alike and must be actively addressed in schools by funding active information programs that show potential users what these drugs do to ones brain that creates the desire to be willing to die for it. The facts indicate that these drugs are smuggled in through ports of entry hidden in vehicles and by sea in large quantities by drug cartels who bribe authorities to look the other way.

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