Brainwaves: A Look Inside the Mind

brainwavesSarah Elkhaldy – Brainwaves are produced by electrical impulses emitted in the brain by neurons. These electrical emissions interact and communicate with each other.

The frequency of this communication, or oscillation, between these emissions is measured in cycles per second known as hertz (Hz).

The most common brainwave frequencies: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are always present and intermingling. Because of this, what determines the distinct brainwave state you are in at any given period of time is the predominate frequency that is being emitted.

Epsilon <0.5 Hz—The Suspended mind

This state is the lowest recorded range emitted by the brain. Epsilon waves are described as “suspended animation”, with no detectable heartbeat or respiration.

This range of frequency has been seen to reset the brain, supporting coherency in the body and self-regulation of the central nervous system.

Delta 0.5-3 Hz—The Unconscious mind

Delta brainwaves are predominant in deep, dreamless sleep, when we drop out of physical body awareness and recharge through unconscious restorative slow wave sleep (SWS) cycles. This is also the state in sleep where the anti-aging hormones melatonin, and human growth hormone HGH and DHEA increase. The Delta frequency is a potent regenerative state for healing our mind, body and cells. It’s also the domain of the unconscious, in this state we are able to return to essence and connect to the superconscious or Universal consciousness.

Theta 4-7 Hz—The Subconscious mind

The Theta brainwave state is known for being the Twilight realm. It’s the most elusive of all the ranges. We typically only experience Theta fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.

Theta is the expansive mind, the state of shamanic journeying, deep meditation, waking sleep, REM sleep, extrasensory and hypnosis. The akashic records are also commonly accessed in the Theta brainwave state.

In waking Theta, we are able to access information from our subconscious that is normally inaccessible. Because of this, learning to navigate waking Theta can be a valuable tool in uncovering and retrieving “lost at sea” content about our internal processes. A few things that reside in the domain of our subconscious are: mental and emotional patterning, beliefs, behavior programs, needs, desires, hidden or unacknowledged aspects of ourselves that we don’t currently relate to, and much more.

Alpha 8-13 Hz—The Gateway

Alpha is the gateway between higher and lower states of consciousness.

In Alpha we experience relaxation, insight, enhanced creativity, imagination, deductive reasoning and intuition. It is the meditative waking state where we have an increased learning ability due to the open calmness and higher level of suggestibility that we experience in the Alpha brainwave state.

Our immune system and our circadian rhythm both reside within this bandwidth, which is why Alpha training is the most commonly recommended for the treatment of stress and depression.

Beta 14-30 Hz—The Conscious mind

The Beta brainwave state is heightened alertness, fully awake, concentration, cognition, decision-making, problem solving, and mind-body coordination. Your attention is outward, on the world of action. Your physical senses are utilized to gather information and effectively apply it in the physical world.

The lower emissions of beta waves are associated with anxiety and stress, whereas higher emissions of beta are associated with an alert state.

Gamma 31-100Hz—The Super Mind

Gamma brain waves are seen in states of peak performance (both physical and mental), high focus and during mystic and transcendental experiences. A lot of research is currently being done on the physical healing abilities of gamma brainwaves during meditation.

One of the characteristics of gamma waves is synchronization of activity over wide areas of the brain. It powers up and coordinates both the front and back of the central nervous system, bringing fusion to the network and ecstatic connection. Gamma unifies the mind and heart to attain higher consciousness and universal love.

Gamma stimulates new brain cell production in the frontal cortex and in the hippocampus. It’s also the brainwave state where neuroplasticity occurs and new pathways in the brain are made.

This is important because before this was discovered, the only ways to support neurogenesis after a certain point was through physical exercise, diet and learning new things. This is the way we tell our brain “I’m not dying, so please, continue making new brain cells.” Gamma brainwaves support both neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

Lambda 100-200hz—The Total mind

Not much is known about this state because it rarely shows up in our range of brainwave activity. So far, the clearest thing to be seen with lambda brainwaves is synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain: a total coherent and orderly state of consciousness.

Brainwaves carry and ride each other. They emerge out of one another in a torus field like fashion. For instance, the lowest recorded state epsilon has a close relationship with the highest recorded state lambda—one emerges out of the other.

Developing higher emissions of one state will naturally begin to produce higher emissions of another state, they upregulate and each other.

Even when we’re sleeping we are producing emissions of excitable states flowing on the inhibitory ones.

An ideal gamma state is one that is integrated with theta, alpha and delta waves in order to experience both a grounded and awakened mind.

The more integrated the brainwave activity is, the more stable the state of consciousness. If you are firing a lot of gamma activity that is hyper and not accompanied with the lower frequencies it becomes a crap shoot; you could have climatic experiences of oneness or feel like a phone left overcharging.

It’s the stability of these states that allows for a complete shift in our reality.

The potential of physical and psychic wellness gained through understanding these brainwave functions and activating higher states of consciousness is a valuable tool in aiding us on our path of empowerment.


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