Breaking the Mold of the Past

energiesKate Spreckley – This week the incoming energies are greatly amplified and will continue to bring more than a few important shifts. So much is being cleared as what is outdated and no longer relevant is being highlighted.

We are being shaken out of what is familiar so that we may break the mold of the past. As such we are encouraged to discard that which is no longer in alignment with our soul and to remember that we are following an extraordinary course through this time, which is important for our growth, expansion and evolution.

Your awareness is dramatically expanding beyond what you have previously known, and you may find a restlessness in the energies, which is urging you to explore uncharted waters both internally and externally. So much is being revealed and cleared emphasizing where you may still be stuck.

You are being driven to free yourself from anything that is preventing you from finding a deeper meaning and a higher purpose in life. As such this is a good time to face whatever fears are surfacing while having faith that this transformation will result in something new and far greater than before.

SF Source Spirit Pathways Jul 2021

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