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bitcoinBitcoin is the first digital cash (identified as cryptocurrency) that was launched in the year 2009. It is a decentralized mode of payment that does not involve government authorities and the banking sector. Two parties are willing to undertake a transaction and, using Bitcoin, they perform the transaction without the help of a middleman.

The entire technology is based on cryptography. Cryptography is a hidden digital message shared between a sender and a receiver. A bitcoin can be imagined as a computer file with its computations stored in a digital device like a mobile or computer. The trading symbol of bitcoin is BTC.

What is the working principle of bitcoin?

Blockchain technology: Blockchain is an open-source code. With its help, a shared public ledger is produced. A single transaction is termed as a block. This block is linked to a chain in the form of code. This is the method by which the data is stored permanently in memory. Following Bitcoin’s operation, blockchain technology is used to coordinate thousands of cryptocurrencies.

♦ Private and public keys: The keys act as proof of authorization. The key can be of two types- public and private. With the coordination of both the keys, the digital signature is made. The owner can now verify his real identity with the help of both the keys.

Bitcoin miners: Miners are the members of peer-to-peer transactional platforms. They perform complex calculations with the help of supercomputers. They are rewarded with Bitcoin for their hard work and efforts. But mining is not a simple task. It is only possible when the individual has the highest knowledge about technical expertise. Money is also wasted since supercomputers consume a lot of electricity.

A brief discussion about storing Bitcoin in the wallet

Two kinds of digital wallets are used for storing Bitcoin. But both the wallets are connected. For collecting Bitcoin into a cold wallet, it should be downloaded from a hot wallet. Both kinds of wallets work hand to hand. It is up to the owner of the wallet about which option to choose from. Visit crypto comeback pro and get a complete knowledge about the bitcoin and terms related to bitcoin.

Hot wallet: A digital device like a smartphone, desktop, or application is required to access the hot wallet. A trusted exchange or provider is the basic requirement for the storage of bitcoin in the cloud. It requires an internet connection for work.

Cold wallet: An encrypted portable device is required for accessing a cold wallet. Bitcoin can be downloaded and carried by the wallet holders. A thumb drive kind of device is used here. It does not require any internet connection for its working.

What are the advantages of buying Bitcoin?

♦ Both time and the potential fee is saved during bitcoin transactions. During the transaction, the personal information of the sender is kept confidential. Hence there is no chance that scammer can hack the wallet of the user. The wallet holder can send bitcoin to anyone at any time. After opening the wallet, the user can have to link the bank account with the wallet for future transactions.

♦ Some investors believe that Bitcoin will get more popular once it grows and matures in a better dimension. The greater trust will be developed among the common people regarding Bitcoin.

♦ There is no regulating policy by which government and national banks can impose any tax on the transaction. After the financial crisis of the Great Recession, the investors are eager to invest in a decentralized currency like Bitcoin.

What are the methods of buying Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency exchange: Several mainstream investment brokers allow cryptocurrency trading. One can use

Bitcoin ATMs: There are thousands of Bitcoin ATMs evenly spread throughout the United States.

Make Peer-to-peer purchases: One can buy bitcoin directly from the owners through websites like It is a peer-to-peer tool.

Mine Bitcoin: It is not a reliable method of obtaining bitcoin. Technical expertise has a cost. The long time-driven computer operation consumes electricity which also an indirect cost.

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