What You Need To Know Before Considering A Career As A Gynecologist

Gynecologists are medical doctors that help treat patients with reproductive issues. Now, if you are trying to sort through your career options, then this position may have cropped up. Consider the info below to determine if becoming a gynecologist may be a suitable ambition.

What Exactly Is A Gynecologist?

Gynecologists are specialists in women’s reproductive health. They are trained to identify, prevent, and treat diseases that affect the reproductive organs. Their job also involves a counseling element as they teach patients about family planning. These specialists are qualified to prescribe medications and provide referrals to other women’s health professionals. Some may even be qualified to undertake surgery. The field is very broad, which is why gynecologists may find themselves undertaking a broad range of duties.

You Will Be Spending A Lot Of Time At School

Gynecologists are fully qualified doctors, which means that you will be spending many years studying to become one. You will need to complete a full medical degree program, which may take 5+ years. From there, you will need to undertake further on-the-job training.

The Salary Is Massive

Now your years at medical school may cause you to rake up a massive debt, but your salary will make up for it. A Gynecologist Salary is around $100,000-$300,000. Of course, this will depend on where you work and your years of experience.

The Job Is Stressful

Being a doctor isn’t easy. You will be responsible for your patient’s health and perhaps even their life. Anyone considering such a career needs real love and compassion for others. If you’re the type that shies away from human interaction or consider yourself a bit of an introvert, then this career path may not be suitable.

You will also be exposed to some stressful situations, so if you struggle to maintain a composed demeanor, then you may not be suitable for the job.

There Are Many Specializations Available

The professional includes a variety of subfields. You may have the option of specializing in:

Gynecologic Oncology: Treating tumors and malignancies that affect a women’s reproductive organs.

Gynecological Endocrinology: Treating hormonal imbalances that affect reproduction.

Gynecological Surgery: Undertaking surgery to repair patients’ reproductive organs.

These disciplines may require additional study and training to become proficient in.

The Job Is Worthwhile

Doctors are held in high regard at the top of society. If you’re seeking a respected professional, then a gynecologist is a great option.

Many gynecologists experience high rates of job satisfaction. This is due to them doing meaningful work that truly helps people. While some jobs can seem pointless, empty, and only necessary to receive a paycheck, you can be assured that a gynecologist is not one of them.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a gynecologist can be rewarding, both because of its fulfilling nature and high salary. Of course, the job is not for everyone. That’s why it’s important to keep doing your research to determine if it could be the right career path for you. Remember, there is a lot more to think about than just the money.

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5 thoughts on “What You Need To Know Before Considering A Career As A Gynecologist

  1. Dude? Reimbursements are around nine hundred dollars for care for a pregnant woman–from first office visit, to delivery, to follow up check. This patient can SUE you for anything wrong with the baby until it is twenty-one years old. Malpractice insurance rates are among the highest in medicine! People graduating from residency in OB-GYN in states who have ‘lottery’ malpractice limits (no ceiling on pain and suffering awards) can’t even afford to stay and work in the state. This is for OB-GYN. My colleagues who have gotten tired of being up all night and have shifted to GYN only haven’t been able to make ends meet because reimbursements there are low too.

    The only reason to do this is for love of helping people, and for enjoyment of the work. Medical school tuition is exorbitant, malpractice risks are super high, and you’re most likely going to work on salary or hourly as an employee for a large corporation.

    I couldn’t let this article go without a comment as a ‘reality check’. I am employed full time in medicine and also a blogger in the more ‘metaphysical’ things too. GYN is important and very well needed. It’s not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will work nights, weekends, holidays, and be sleepy and away from your family most of the time. You’ll meet nice people, and some not so nice people as colleagues and nurses. Follow your heart, if it’s you’re calling you will do well and be fine.

    1. Hi Rebecca. It’s a sponsored post and I’m grateful to the company for helping defray monthly expenses. So yes. It is NOT the typical article posted but it is serving a needed purpose at this time.

      Google is suppressing the site to a vicious degree right now – my traffic referrals from ALL search engines – not just Google – are down 92% from this time last year. Ad revenue is also down. In the meantime bills still have to be paid.

      Thanks for commenting. -g

      1. Thanks Gillian. Now I understand why this article is here – I totally get it. The internet censorship is so pervasive. I knew YouTube was being hammered but wasn’t aware that even blogs like this are targeted.

        Such a shame. Thank you for keeping up the good fight and continuing to run this blog amidst these trying challenges. I truly appreciate your efforts, and was just inserting some humor 🙂 Thanks for your honest response.

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