Do We Live In A Simulation? 

Alcuin and Flutterby – The device you are reading this on looks real, doesn’t it? Tap it with your finger. It feels real too. Kiss the screen lightly with your lips. Yes, it’s really there. Lips never lie, do they?

If you think like this, you probably also think that you are living in a base reality. Look around you. You seem to live in a real place which actually exists in physical reality and occupies a demonstrable physical location which can be visited by others, looked at through binoculars and trodden underfoot, sometimes with a crunchy noise. Continue reading “Do We Live In A Simulation? “

The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Refugees

Covid refugee problemAs the Covid-19 pandemic continues to devastate countries all over the globe, no community is more vulnerable than refugees. These groups of people have been displaced and are in transition, hoping to gain full citizenship or full amnesty in their new countries of residence. But massive delays in processing applications, interviews, and even having legal hearings are causing untold consequences.

Many recent immigrants and refugees are in a state of panic as nothing is working out the way they planned based on what they were told to expect. Below outlines what the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been on refugee communities. Continue reading “The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Refugees”

Planning a Healthy Future for Your Whole Family

family lifeAs our lives shift and change and our lifestyles adapt to our varying needs, the notion of a healthy future for your family is quite different from what people a decade ago thought of as a healthy future. While the future may seem some years off, by planning ahead and thinking about how you would like your life to look, you can be better prepared, and ensure you and your loved ones enjoy the best quality of life over the years.

Read on for some suggestions on what to consider for the future, for every stage of family life.

Think about schooling choices for children

Not so long ago, schooling seemed like a fairly rigid structure, with few choices to select from. You may want to look at different options such as homeschooling or classroom schooling, as well as the many varieties of teaching methodologies available. Then there’s the choice of private or public school. Continue reading “Planning a Healthy Future for Your Whole Family”

Fallacy #1: Either-Or

false logicPaul Rosenberg – Before we begin covering fallacies, we should be clear on what the word means. A fallacy is a deceptive statement. It is something that is false, but is made to appear true. In other words, it is a trick of words and emotions, used to make people believe something that isn’t actually so.

But that does not mean that everyone using a fallacy is trying to hurt you. In most cases, they are doing it ignorantly, because they were deceived by the trick earlier. What they’re really doing is passing along the mistake.

So, while we want to notice deceptions (fallacies) that are thrown at us, we should remember that most of the people using them are not personally malicious; they’re acting out a malicious script that was started by others. The damage to you is the same, but their personal guilt is less. Continue reading “Fallacy #1: Either-Or”

Music for the Soul [Video]

BeethovenJill Mattson – Fabien Maman reflected on the impact of Beethoven’s music. “It is not possible to read or write while listening to Beethoven. [1] His music disturbs. Indifference is impossible around a Beethoven symphony because this music vibrates all of the bodies, from the physical to the subtlest. With his music, Beethoven puts us in resonance physically, emotionally and spiritually.” [2]

Maman continued, “Beethoven can set the imagination soaring. He moved humanity forward with his revolutionary dissonances, harmonies and structure. Beethoven himself understood the deepest esoteric purposes for his music. ‘Life resembles the vibration of the sound and the human is like the play of the strings.’ Beethoven said, ‘Whoever understands my music will free himself from the misery in which all others are entrenched.'” [3] Continue reading “Music for the Soul [Video]”