Sophy Grew Up In A Garbage Dump Then Earned A Scholarship

Mayukh Saha – A journey of a woman from a garbage dump to earning a scholarship in the prestigious University of Melbourne – sounds like a fairy-tale Hollywood movie, right? Well, turns out that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. Sophy Ron is the hero of this fairy tale and despite all the struggles, she seems to have achieved a lot in her life. Especially, when you consider her struggles.

SophySophy Ron started working from a very young age. She lived in a garbage dump. She had to work to make money and feed her family. Her future looked obvious – it was and remained forever in the garbage dump. That’s the only place her eyes could settle on. Continue reading “Sophy Grew Up In A Garbage Dump Then Earned A Scholarship”

The Incredible Disappearing Underwater Observatory

Fake NewsJoseph P Farrell – So many people shared this article that – up front – I want to say thank you for doing so. And I understand their reasons for doing so. We’ll get back to that.

But first, the story: it seems that an automated underwater observatory has gone completely missing off the coast of Germany in the Baltic Sea:

Large Underwater Observatory Disappears Without a Trace, Baffling Scientists

The story is rather simple: the observatory was there one day, and wasn’t the next:

A large monitoring station used to gather important scientific data in the Baltic Sea has mysteriously vanished. Continue reading “The Incredible Disappearing Underwater Observatory”

The Shift From Karma To Dharma

Full Moon In Pisces

changesSimon & Jennifer Vorster – As this Full Moon brings us to the peak of of this lunar cycle we are facing a crisis in awareness as vital aspects of our inner emotional world and the way we wish to experience our reality are in a tense opposition. We may feel like everything is going against us, leading to overwhelm, frustration and crisis. As this opposition intensifies we may feel deeply restricted by life circumstances putting us into a reactive state.

As much as we would like to change the things which are causing our suffering we are likely aware that those efforts would be futile. The futility we feel is actually the energy which is inviting is to dive deeply into our inner world. We are literally being invited to allow our outer circumstances to guide the inner transformation and release of deep karmic dynamics.

Lets take a look at the evolutionary potential held in this lunar cycle. Continue reading “The Shift From Karma To Dharma”

Illegals Now Leaving Yelp-like Ratings on the Best Illegal-enabling Services

illegalsSelwyn Duke – If you want to know why Invasion USA continues apace, look no further than Big Migration, a lucrative racket so brazen that border-jumping migrants “can now offer Yelp-style reviews for attaining the finest in illegal alien–enabling services, not just in one’s choice of smuggling coyote, but in all the vast numbers of choices in NGOs offering shelters and services,” writes American Thinker’s Monica Showalter. So much for illegals being “in the shadows.”

It’s just one of many outrages outlined in border security crusader Michelle Malkin’s new book Open Borders Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?, which was released Tuesday.

As for the illegals review site, Breitbart provides a relevant excerpt from the book: Continue reading “Illegals Now Leaving Yelp-like Ratings on the Best Illegal-enabling Services”