June 2020 Energy Report

energy report

Jennifer Hoffman – As I wrote in the May 2020  Energy Report, it was a month for awakening and we got to see the full scope of the dark energy of 3D, in full density mode, last month. There were multiple results, including a vast awakening of the collective of humanity and strong choices being made for the light.

June brings many new potentials and opportunities to transition into even higher frequencies, make course corrections, set new energy boundaries, and get clear on our next steps. With two eclipses, a Mercury retro, and some new energy aspects, it’s going to be a strong month for those who are ready to step into a new 5D energy paradigm. Continue reading “June 2020 Energy Report”

The main theme for June 2020 is “Keep it Moving”

June energiesLena Stevens – This is an unstable, somewhat volatile and unpredictable month where everything is intensified by eclipses and challenging astrology. It is easy to get stuck in one camp or another, one attitude or another, much like getting caught in an eddy on a river, not being able to paddle out easily into the main flow. It will take some discipline to “keep it moving” as well as determination to move the energy physically through the body in an appropriate and positive way.

Whenever there is instability and unpredictability, there is great support for change. We have to be careful that we don’t create change through negative reaction but rather through positive, determined and proactive focus, keeping track of our goals as everything seems to be dissolving around us.

The mind will spin in circles, creating anxiety and worst-case scenarios. The emotional center can be angry, vengeful, irritated, despairing or depressed. So it is up to the moving center to “keep things moving”. Continue reading “The main theme for June 2020 is “Keep it Moving””

Moving Home: Ways to Save Money

Moving to a new house or apartment can cost a lot of money. In addition to a deposit, legal fees, and removals, you might also need to buy new furniture or undertake various renovations at your new address.

Look for various ways to reduce your expenses, so you will have more financial freedom once you’ve received the keys to your new home. To do so, here are four ways to save money when moving to a new property.

1. Declutter Your Possessions

declutterThe more belongings you have, the more you will need to pay for removal services. To reduce your expenditure, you must declutter your home before a move. Find items you can donate or throw in the trash and be ruthless with your choices. It will make the moving process easier and will allow you to enjoy a fresh start at your new property. Continue reading “Moving Home: Ways to Save Money”

Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative

COVID19Kit Knightly – In recent days a series of leaks across the globe have further shown the “official line” on coronavirus does not hold water…

The science of the coronavirus is not disputed. It is well documented and openly admitted:

•  Most people won’t get the virus.

•  Most of the people who get it won’t display symptoms.

•  Most of the people who display symptoms will only be mildly sick.

•  Most of the people with severe symptoms will never be critically ill.

•  And most of the people who get critically ill will survive. Continue reading “Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative”

“Get The Facts”: How Twitter Is Making The Case Against Itself and Free Speech

TwitterJonathan Turley – Free speech, our defining right in the United States, seems to be dangling on social media. Twitter added warnings on tweets from President Trump, marking a major escalation of speech controls on the internet, something that has been demanded by Democrats. While the company clarified that Trump did not violate the rules, it still intervened between him and all his followers to add its own view of the truth on a political controversy.

The action against Trump on his mail voting tweets is the realization of the fear of free speech advocates. People sign up for updates from Trump, not Twitter, but the company decided to force his 80 million followers to view its own position on this issue. Imagine if a telephone company listened for errant political statements on calls to flag its business concerns. Continue reading ““Get The Facts”: How Twitter Is Making The Case Against Itself and Free Speech”