Super Moon Eclipse What To Do

chooseDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

We are at a major shift. This Super Moon over the weekend along with a lunar eclipse and the Sun entering Aquarius is sort of, well I want to say, the ball that is kicked at the start of the game and it is going to, like a football, is going to tumble high through the air and where exactly it lands you won’t know until it is about to land so from a spiritual perspective you want to prepare for that and then navigate through it.

So your life is pretty much going to look like a kick-off basically. Government affairs, world affairs, other important issues are all going to be that sort of tumbling through the air. Where will it land? When will it end? How will it be? Is everything going to be okay or not okay? So that element of the unknown is also highly present. Continue reading “Super Moon Eclipse What To Do”

Oldest Human DNA Sample Reveals ‘Alien’ Branch of Humanity

dnaSean Adl-Tabatabai – Scientists have discovered evidence of an ancient alien civilization after testing the oldest known DNA sample.

The DNA, which dates back over 400,000 years, belongs to a mysterious ‘alien’ human ancestor, researchers say. reports: These new findings could shed light on a mysterious extinct branch of humanity known as Denisovans, who were close relatives of Neanderthals, scientists added. Continue reading “Oldest Human DNA Sample Reveals ‘Alien’ Branch of Humanity”

Ground Crew It’s Time

global eliteJames Gilliland – From time to time I am giving future visions in dreams and meditations. I usually don’t speak of them because they are a bit dire yet they fuel the work I am doing to change the outcome.

Edgar Cayce once said the outcome of some very dire situations is often changed by a few good men/women.

The subject that keeps coming up is California. One particular vision showed the fires, floods, mudslides and quakes of the past. The documented time, location and magnitude of devastating quakes were given ahead of time. New visions are revealing this will continue.

In the future visions I am being shown extreme social unrest, a collapsing economy due to mismanagement, great quakes and tsunamis. The end result was LA and San Francisco were void of people, rusted muddy cars riddled with bullet holes sideways in the streets as if something tossed them around. The grid was down. It seemed as if a tsunami was the finishing blow to downward spiraling cities. This is not limited to California, other cities might have the same fate I just noticed landmarks in the vision. Continue reading “Ground Crew It’s Time”

As Germany and France Come Apart, So Too Will the EU

germanyCharles Hugh Smith – When is a nation-state no longer a functional state? It’s an interesting question to ask of the European nation-states trapped in the devolving European Union. Longtime correspondent Mark G. recently posed seven indicators of dissolving national sovereignty; here’s his commentary:

“RE: The Ghosts of 1968 (February 14, 2018):

In France the “Ghosts of 1968” have become the Poltergeists of 2018. This looks like another real watershed in European and world history. Once again Parisian mobs have appeared and have collectively realized they now hold the real power. And their issues are all anti-EU (European Union) and anti-NWO. (New World Order)

I’m honing my German Collapse Scenario as more data flows in, as it is in ever-faster and larger quantities. ‘Germany’ will implode in parallel with the EU.

So-called ‘states’ with: Continue reading “As Germany and France Come Apart, So Too Will the EU”

Tips for Beginner Writers

For some people writing is a career or a hobby while for others it is a creative outlet. In this article we provide tips on a writing  term papers, blogs, social media updates, dissertations and fiction.

The best thing about about a writing career is that you can improve at any stage of your craft. Even the very best writers learn new strategies with time.

Tip 1: Invest in quality writing gadgets

writing tipsYou’re starting your writing career and are under no obligation to commit to one style of writing. So, where do you begin? We recommend you start with online reviews on gadgets suitable for beginners before investing in complicated technology.

Investigate different gadgets and discover which one is ideal for you. One way to do so cost effectively is to join a freelancing site which will offer you a chance to try out a number of different technologies before making a purchasing decision. You might also choose to work with free versions of different writing apps to determine whether or not they are worth investing in before upgrading to full functionality. Continue reading “Tips for Beginner Writers”