What Your Tree Zodiac Sign Says About You – According To Celtic Druid Astrology

treeKalee Brown – The system of Celtic tree astrology greatly differs from the North American zodiac signs we typically write about. This type of astrology was created by Druids, members of the high-ranking professional class in ancient Celtic cultures. It is said that Celtic tree astrology was designed using the natural connection that Druids had to Earth cycles and the sacred knowledge they believed was held by trees.

In Druid culture, trees were thought to contain spirits and vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom. In Celtic astrology, trees as a whole symbolize life, death, and renewal. The Druids gave different types of trees meanings according to their qualities, which they noticed matched different children’s qualities according to their birth dates. Continue reading “What Your Tree Zodiac Sign Says About You – According To Celtic Druid Astrology”

Fake News Network CNN Hits Three-Year Ratings LOW Amid Impeachment Push

cnnSean Adl-Tabatabai – CNN’s rating have plummeted to a three-year low amid the ongoing, relentless push to see President Trump impeached for doing nothing wrong.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, CNN posted its lowest prime time ratings since the beginning of Trump’s presidency. Meanwhile, Fox News posted higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined.

Dailycaller.com reports: Fox News averaged nearly 2.2 million viewers in primetime last week, including 303,000 in the coveted age 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research. Continue reading “Fake News Network CNN Hits Three-Year Ratings LOW Amid Impeachment Push”

Are Takeaway Coffee Cups Biodegradable?

Takeaway Coffee Cups What speaks of our modernism better than our single-use disposable coffee cups? The truth is that while our love of coffee is simply unmatched, Mother Nature might be suffering at coffee’s expense. Yes, the disposable paper cups are elegant and perfect for that cup of coffee you need on the go, but are the cups biodegradable?

Thanks to the incorporation of a thin plastic lining, the takeaway coffee cups are waterproof. But the unfortunate bit is that contrary to popular beliefs, the takeaway coffee cups all around us are not biodegradable. And the worst bit is that the use of a plastic lining to make the cups waterproof, leakproof, and heatproof means that the coffee cups only end up in landfills; if we are lucky, they are incinerated. Continue reading “Are Takeaway Coffee Cups Biodegradable?”

Lost In Translation

8 December – Sun square Neptune
9 December – Mercury into Sagittarius
9 December – Jupiter square Chiron
11 December – Venus conjunct Saturn
12 December – Full Moon 19° Gemini
13 December – Venus conjunct Pluto
15 December – Jupiter trine Uranus

GeminiLorna Bevan – It’s going to be a week of paradox, contradictions and confusion, so take each day as it comes with no expectations.

The conflicting frequencies of Venus conjunct both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter trine Uranus are sending mixed messages. One the one hand, duty and due diligence feels unavoidable and on the other the urge to break away, break free and do your own thing is nearly overwhelming. So this could go two ways… or maybe the middle ground is to prioritize what’s important as opposed to urgent and then take yourself off on an adventure or an artist’s date.

The Gemini Full Moon on Thursday 12th is at odds with Neptune – expect smoke and mirrors. There will be so much collective chatter, fake news, social media narcissism and superficiality that there is little point in tuning into it. The greatest festive gift you can give yourself is doing a digital de-tox. Continue reading “Lost In Translation”

The Hidden Truth Concerning The Climate Agenda [Video]

climate changeAlexandra Bruce – The Truth Factory is back with this piece about the data manipulation behind the psyop known as “man-made global warming”. She reveals the systematic deceit in the UN’s climate alarmism and the identities of the real “climate deniers” with her proprietary blend of solid data and droll wit that makes her videos so amazing.

The green industry has a dark underbelly that needs to be exposed and this is what she does here. Those pushing the climate agenda the hardest, like the Rockefellers are those with the most to gain.

The Truth Factory shows how the big climate change panels, like NOAA and the IPCC have become nothing more than political lobbying organizations masquerading as scientific bodies to perpetrate fraudulent and dangerous boondoggles like the Green New Deal and carbon taxes, the latter of which have caused mass rioting in France for the past year. Continue reading “The Hidden Truth Concerning The Climate Agenda [Video]”