Staying Centered in a Wild World

worldNick Polizzi – The other day I did something I shouldn’t have.

Before going to bed, my wife Michelle and I made the mistake of reading some mainstream news headlines, which — as you know — are fear-based with only small bits of level headed truth.

Not a smart way to end the day!

“If it bleeds, it leads!” This saying was true when it was first spoken a few decades ago, but is probably truer now than ever. Continue reading “Staying Centered in a Wild World”

Communicating With Lucid Dreamers

lucidJoseph P Farrell – You might recall that yesterday I blogged about the latest transhumanist fantasies about the “Spatial web“, and about my concerns that what was really being talked about was yet another dystopian ideology of the collective, in this case, a kind of transhumanist “Borg” collective.

In a nutshell, my concern was that in the rush to get everyone “connected”, we are creating a system that is supremely anti-human, where one’s “interior conversation” is open to everyone else, and vice versa, such that there is no more conversation, but only an unending noise and babble, where no individual voices can be singled out and heard, a kind of Tower of Babble. Continue reading “Communicating With Lucid Dreamers”

California Corporate Relocation Experts Expect Best Year Ever!

CaliforniaRobyn Dolgin – Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) best exemplifies the reason thousands of businesses are departing California.

Her attitude toward one of the state’s Cali most successful companies, Tesla, was made clear with a childish vulgarity she aimed at the company’s CEO after learning that he was threatening to leave the Sunshine State. “F*ck Elon Musk,” she tweeted unapologetically in early 2020. This wasn’t the first time Gonzalez dropped the “f-bomb” in a public forum.

The assemblywoman wasn’t “too concerned” about the innovative billionaire packing up his manufacturing plants because she believed the CEO needed the state more than taxpayers needed him. Tesla receives numerous green grants from Southland taxpayers. Continue reading “California Corporate Relocation Experts Expect Best Year Ever!”

DNA Music – The Finale

DNAJill Mattson – Microtones, such as the ones created by our DNA, are hard to produce on our musical instruments and sound strange. It was difficult to make music from these ‘random’ sounds with no seeming order. However, something very interesting happened to the musical DNA team.

After weeks and weeks of experimenting with different sound combinations, they noticed that one pitch seemed to create coherency, a C#. (Most pianos are tuned to around 554 for C#.)

Common to all the DNA bases: Continue reading “DNA Music – The Finale”

The Appeal To Binaries

binary fallacyPaul Rosenberg – Today we’ll cover another practical application fallacy, which I’m calling the appeal to binaries. It’s similar to the nirvana fallacy, but operates almost in reverse. Nirvana was about eliminating contrary ideas, binaries is about protecting beloved ideas. Where nirvana was a sword, binaries is a shield. Furthermore, it operates differently, being based upon a different principle.

A binary, of course, is something that divides only into opposites: Continue reading “The Appeal To Binaries”