Recount Madness, California Fires, Credit Crisis Coming [Video]

General ElectricGreg Hunter – The Recount has hit a whole new level for the 2018 Midterm elections in voter fraud prone Florida. It looks like Ron DeSantis will be the next governor, but the race between Scott and Nelson is coming down to the wire. Democrats say every vote should be counted, but not when they are illegal aliens and dead people.

California wildfires are still not under control, but long after they are, the citizens of the Golden State will feel the financial effects. It will cost at least $30 billion and will likely bankrupt the state’s biggest power company. Then there are the mudslides coming in the next rainy season. With vegetation burned to a crisp, what is going to hold the dirt in place? The answer is “not much.” Continue reading “Recount Madness, California Fires, Credit Crisis Coming [Video]”

Space Weather, Rothschild & Agenda 21 [Video]

SGT Report – “We do know that electric company PG&E experienced a problem with an electrical transmission line near the site of the fire, minutes before it broke out,” reports CBS News. Now criminal Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill allowing the company to charge its customers whatever is necessary to pay for all of the lawsuits and losses that are coming. Continue reading “Space Weather, Rothschild & Agenda 21 [Video]”

Young Listeners are Flocking to Conservative Talk Radio

Liberty Planet – Conservative talk radio is making changes to its traditional format in an effort to expand the audience antalk radiod reach a new generation of followers. The stellar combination of modern technology and some very opinionated young conservative radio hosts is changing the way we listen to and view talk radio today.

Broadcast radio may seem like a thing of the past for some, but it is still a popular part of American media today. In fact, over 90 percent of Americans over the age of 12 tune in to their radios every week. The numbers are even higher when we look at political and talk radio shows. A whopping 91 percent of talk radio shows that are broadcast each day is conservative. Continue reading “Young Listeners are Flocking to Conservative Talk Radio”

Adopting a child from a foreign country

Families are a main source of love and support for children. Families offer children necessary protection and shelter against dangers in today’s society.

Some children are deprived of such advantages for a variety of reasons. These are often taken into custody by child protection services or orphanages for adoption into other families.

As simple as the desire to adopt may seem at the outset the entire process can be quite daunting. And while adoption of a child from the country you live in does prove less hectic it is often the case that you will end up adopting a child from a foreign country.

Get to know the law

If you are an US citizen and you want to adopt a child from another country you’ll have to get familiar with the adoption laws of the US (the inter-country adoption laws) and of the country where you want to adopt from. While adopting a foreign child is a highly rewarding experience it is also a complex and long process. Continue reading “Adopting a child from a foreign country”