Solar Plexus Calming

Solar PlexusDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. I want to just do a little Solar Plexus calming. We have a lot of planetary configurations, some of them causing some headaches, or dehydration, hormone imbalances due to activity in the gland centers in the head, eyesight issues and so forth. And then there is another set of energies affecting the Solar Plexus – sort of flip flopping in the stomach, or bloating after eating, not feeling emotionally certain about something.

So this one, I think, I’ll do some calming for the Solar Plexus and the emotional center and then also encourage hydration, electrolytes, coconut water, minerals, especially trace minerals, even whole sea salt, you know put a big chunk under your tongue or something to get the minerals and the electrolytes. Continue reading “Solar Plexus Calming”

“I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”: Meteorologists Expect Florence To Stall And Hammer The East Coast “For Days”

Hurricane Florence

Michael Snyder – The bizarre story of Hurricane Florence just keeps becoming even more strange.  The good news is that meteorologists are telling us that the storm is expected to lose intensity as it approaches the East Coast, but the really, really bad news is that it is now being projected that Florence will slow down and finally stall just off the coastline.  In a worst-case scenario, the Carolinas and Georgia could be pounded with wind and rain “for days”, and some areas of North Carolina could end up being buried under nine feet of water.  And even though the peak wind speed of Florence has diminished some, the storm just continues to expand in size.  That means that it will ultimately hit a larger portion of the east coast than originally anticipated, and the overall economic cost will also ultimately be worse than the experts were forecasting. Continue reading ““I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”: Meteorologists Expect Florence To Stall And Hammer The East Coast “For Days””

CS:GO Skin Gambling is 100% Legal – Here’s Why

skin bettingHave you ever heard of CS: Global Offensive players making money by trading electronic skins? This practice has been around for quite a few years now, and it continues to be the center of debate among many gamers. Some have shared stories of making a fortune, while others say that there’s no real money that can be had. There’s also the issue about the legality of skin gambling in this particular game. There are many factors to consider here, so let’s explore each one of them.

The History of (Electronic) Skin Gambling

Unless you’re an avid player of CS:GO, you may not be familiar with how skin gambling exactly works. It’s a fairly recent development, having started in 2013 after the makers of CS:GO released the Arms Deal Update. They consider it one of the most important updates ever, but it has since spurred a practice that continues to be frowned upon by countless gamers today. Continue reading “CS:GO Skin Gambling is 100% Legal – Here’s Why”

Scientists Discover A New & Efficient Way To Turn Sunlight Into Fuel

energyAlanna Ketler – The sun is a big burning ball of fire and thus, energy. Really, everything is energy. We already know that it is the light and warmth of the sun that gives life to every living thing on this planet. We have already seen an example of how the sun’s energy can be utilized to create power with the rapidly increasing use of solar panels, but researchers from St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, have now discovered a new way to utilize energy from the sun and turn it into fuel. Yes fuel — the type of fuel that could directly compete with fossil fuels.

The researchers used semi-artificial photosynthesis to explore new ways to produce and store solar energy. Using natural sunlight to separate hydrogen and oxygen including the use of a combination of biological components and human made technologies. Continue reading “Scientists Discover A New & Efficient Way To Turn Sunlight Into Fuel”

Of Weather Control & Lasers & Marduk’s Lightning Bolts

condensationJoseph P Farrell – Mr. V.T. spotted this one, and I simply have to pass it along, because needless to say, it occasions some high octane speculation.

For it’s all about engineering the weather, you see, and that’s a topic that has been and off-and-on subject of blogging and discussion here, both in vidchats and in the Dialogues with Daniel DiGriz, where one or the other of us occasionally brings it up.

The subject intrigues me, because with the recent invention of “weather derivatives” added to the arsenal of financial schemes and scams of Mr. Globaloney, controlling the weather on which those derivatives are based would seem a surefire bet for some unique new twists on insider trading, especially since most people don’t believe that humanity is capable of controlling the weather. Continue reading “Of Weather Control & Lasers & Marduk’s Lightning Bolts”