How to do Wonders with a Little Land

Even if you only have a small piece of land you can achieve high yields based on how you plan and utilize the available space. A small garden can provide high yields when you embrace some of the new cultivation techniques  associated with planting and harvesting crops using vertical space.

Embrace Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening allows you to maximize space in a small garden. Among the numerous benefits you gain increased yields, visual interest, and controlled pest management. A properly designed vertical garden can create a beautiful privacy fence between you and your neighbors.

Another advantage of planting vertically is a reduction of leaf fungus and generalized rot due to the improved circulation of air around plants.  It also helps with reduction of moisture buildup that can lead to fruit rotting rather than ripening for harvest. One of the greatest overall benefits is the appreciable reduction in water consumption required to maintain healthy vegetation. Continue reading “How to do Wonders with a Little Land”

Theory Proposes Parallel Universes Interact With And Affect Our Own Universe

wisemanUmer Abrar – The theory of parallel universes has been illustrated repeatedly in science fiction, without any actual proof that they really exist. Howard Wiseman of Griffith University in Australia directed a group that believes quantum theory permits for multiple forms of our universe to happen and even interact with one another in the quantum realm.

Michael Hall is the chief author of the paper, issued in the journal Physical Review X. Learning the nuances of quantum theory can get very complicated, as things act different to what would be projected from normal matter.
Quantum states of a structure are supposed to concurrently occur in all imaginable formations until an observer forces it to implement one state.

In the mid of 20th century, the ‘Many Worlds’ theory initially guessed that multiple forms of reality branch out from one another as separate entities surviving in separate positions, lacking any interaction with each other. According to this new theory; all of these endless multiple universes overlap and inhabit the similar section of time and space concurrently, exactly like a quantum state.

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GMO Geopolitics: Russian Agriculture Tops Its Arms Trade 

gmoJoseph P Farrell – Back here on Earth, things are getting intriguing. Last Thursday in my News and Views from the Nefarium I spoke about my idea of GMO geopolitics, and how it now has become clear that this is the game Russia is playing; it is deliberately using its ban on GMOs to export normal foods to a world increasingly skeptical of GMOs and various Western governments’ pronouncements about their safety, pronouncements which increasingly sound hollow given a growing body of literature linking glyphosphates to increased cancer, and other potentially GMO related problems such as falling yields.

Which brings us to today’s high octane speculation in relation to the following article shared by Mr. B.:

Russia’s Flourishing Agriculture Overtakes Its Word Class Arms Industry in Exports

Now, before I get to today’s high octane speculation regarding all this GMO geopolitics, first let’s set the record straight. Russia meddles in Western affairs all the time. It has had the unmitigated gall to meddle in Western culture with the contributions of scallywags like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekov, Solzhenitsyn, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev and Shostakovich.  Shame on them!

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Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News/False Flags [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Like me, you probably have family members who believe everything they see in the Mainstream Media and you probably have loved ones who think you’re crazy for questioning official narratives, from 9/11 to the Parkland shooting.

During her 30-years as a bestselling author and journalist, Naomi Wolf has spent most of her life in the bosom of Mainstream approval. However, she is that rare denizen of “accepted” discourse who is more committed to the truth than to anything else and has dared to destroy her career and garnered the opprobrium of publications across the political spectrum for publicly entertaining the idea that such events as the Sandy Hook shooting may be False Flags. Continue reading “Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News/False Flags [Video]”

CIA Is World’s Biggest Drug Trafficking Organization, Expert Warns

CIA Sean Adl-Tabatabai – The CIA has been one of the world’s biggest illegal drug trafficking organizations in the world for decades, a leading American analyst has warned.

The Central Intelligence Agency has involved itself in drug trafficking since the spy agency was formed in 1947, journalist and political analyst Stephen Lendman claims. reports: “It has billions of dollars in its budget already through conducting mischief on a worldwide basis…and it gets more money by trafficking drugs, selling to people who harm themselves egregiously by using this stuff,” Lendman said.

Juan Pablo Escobar, the son of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, a Colombian drug lord who was one the wealthiest criminals in history, says his father “worked for the CIA.” Continue reading “CIA Is World’s Biggest Drug Trafficking Organization, Expert Warns”