President Trump Reveals New “Big & Bold” Response Bill

TrumpWe The People – President Trump called for more massive action as he suggested that now was the perfect time to introduce another “very big & bold” bill in response to the coronavirus.

Trump is looking to act proactively shortly after the passage of a massive stimulus package, seeking a $2 trillion infrastructure bill to serve as “Phase 4” of the federal government’s response to the global pandemic.

“With interest rates for the United States being at ZERO, this is the time to do our decades long awaited Infrastructure Bill,” Trump tweeted Tuesday. “It should be VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country! Phase 4.” Continue reading “President Trump Reveals New “Big & Bold” Response Bill”

Yet Another “Coincidental” Death Of A Financier In Germany

banker deathJoseph P Farrell – Judging from the amount of people who sent me different versions of this story, I’d be remiss if I started this week’s blogs with any other story.

And what an amazing story it is, too. It’s one of those amazing “coincidences” – or as my mother used to put it, an amazing “coinkeydink” – that almost leave one as speechless as the “magic bullet.”

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RIP Federal Reserve [Video]

Federal ReserveAlexandra Bruce – Rumors swirled on Twitter yesterday evening that the Fed and Treasury are being merged into one organization. People celebrated joyously over the demise of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Despite this being incredibly newsworthy, there has been no public announcement of this. It only seems to have been published in a negative opinion piece by Jim Bianco on Bloomberg and syndicated by Yahoo! News.

The reason MAGA Twitter was aware of this obscure piece – and jubilant over it – was because someone tweeted a link to this piece – and it was almost immediately posted by Q, at 4:58:17PM (17:17) with the comment, “This is not another [4] year election. Q” Continue reading “RIP Federal Reserve [Video]”

Trump Ends The Fed As We Know It – Power To The People

Federal ReserveJohn Michael Chambers – Winning! Those of us who are awake have been talking about this day for many, many years. I have written about it in my articles and in my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America” as well having spoken about it on scores of media platforms including my own show, “News Behind The News“.

In fact, my friend and associate, Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott and I have dedicated weekly program titled the Global Financial Reset, or GFR for the past year, where each week we discuss this from many perspectives. You can get up to speed there. We and others were right and now that day has finally arrived.

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Are Traditional Banks Becoming Obsolete?

transferwiseFor decades, a traditional bank account was really the only way to park your money. And a checking account was just that. An account you wrote checks from. Most people these days don’t even remember what a check looks like, or have any experience with writing one out or keeping their checkbook balanced.

There are so many choices with online bank accounts and even using the blockchain to bank that most people don’t opt for a traditional bank any longer. Oftentimes, the perks of having an online account far outweigh the traditional bank, anyway. Continue reading “Are Traditional Banks Becoming Obsolete?”