The Decline and Fall of the European Union

EUCharles Hugh Smith – That a single currency, the euro, would fracture rather than unite Europe was understood long before the euro’s introduction as legal tender on January 1, 2002. The euro, the currency of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union, is only one of the various institutions tying the member nations of the European union together, but it is the linchpin of the financial integration touted as one of the primary benefits of EU membership.

Skepticism of the benefits of EU membership is rising, as citizens of the member nations are questioning the surrender of national sovereignty with renewed intensity.

The technocrat elite that holds power in the EU is attempting to marginalize critics as populists, nationalists or fascists, overlooking the untidy reality that the actual source of tyranny is arguably the unelected bureaucrats of the EU who have taken on extraordinary powers to strip the citizenry of member states of civil liberties (i.e. the right to dissent) and of meaningful political enfranchisement. Continue reading “The Decline and Fall of the European Union”

Should companies put their faith in finance apps?

finance appsManaging the financial side of the business is rather an art than a science. Besides the fact that there is a slight amount of complexity to the math relating to finance, you have to see about accounting, taxation, and, finally yet importantly, treasury management. Enterprises, no matter the size, should pay close attention to their financial processes. Why? Because they represent the basis for strategic planning, budgeting, and control.

Managing finances for a company is too important and it is usually left to the experts. No matter how knowledgeable you may be, you can make errors. So, what can be done to prevent self-sabotaging? Using finance apps is one idea. A good application might just be what you need.

Understanding finance apps and how they work

Financial software has been around since the dawn of time. Well, not exactly. Apps have been available only for a few decades. Designers have been struggling to come up with software packages performing advantageous functions for the end user. The result is that now it is possible to automate and, of course, store financial data of a business nature without much difficulty. Continue reading “Should companies put their faith in finance apps?”

World is Comfortably Unaware of Approaching Disaster [Video]

Polgar Greg Hunter – Best-selling author of “The Age of Anomaly,” economist Andrei Polgar, says the world is set up to be blindsided in the next financial disaster. Polgar points out, “Right now, after so many years after the ‘Great Recession,’ not only are people comfortably unaware, but even worse yet, the entire idea of financial preparedness has been discredited. I have noticed this because I have been on many shows promoting my book. . . .

People are not that interested in financial preparedness. A common element was always this: People have made predictions, and they didn’t pan out. Other analysts have made gloomy predictions, and they didn’t pan out. So now, the general public has essentially been numbed. One of the big issues I talk about with my book is sustainable financial preparedness, and it’s a tough sell.

Continue reading “World is Comfortably Unaware of Approaching Disaster [Video]”

The Two Crypto Economies

Crypto Paul Rosenberg – Bitcoin has always been hard to understand. Even Satoshi, its author, complained about that. The problem isn’t so much its complexity, but its newness – there’s really almost nothing to compare it to.

Having nothing to compare to is also a problem related to the prices of Bitcoin and the other cryptos. We’ve never seen currencies start from nothing and grow into serious players. We’ve always had silver and gold, at least in the background, but more or less all other currencies (certainly in our time) have been imposed by force.

Bitcoin, unless I’m forgetting something, is the first independent, world-recognized currency to pop up in a long, long time. And because of that, understanding its price is complicated.

The Two Economies

The key to understanding the price of cryptos is realizing that there are two separate crypto economies: the speculative and the commercial. These two economies are currently bumping into each other and occasionally running over each other… sometimes synergistically and sometimes antagonistically. Continue reading “The Two Crypto Economies”

Top Business Challenges for Start-ups

Stories about high school entrepreneurs selling their start-ups for millions of dollars are the stuff finance fantasy is made of. Those among you who remember the late 1990s digital meltdown will agree that making a success out of a garage enterprise is not as easy as made out to be by media. If you own a start-up yourself here are top ten challenges of 2019 that you need to be aware of and prepared to tackle.

#1. A bad team

As a start-up you cannot afford to lure the crème de la crème of business school graduates with seven-figure salaries and Bahamas holiday perks. Instead look for professionals who may not wear an Ivy College tag but know their work. Be open to hiring students, freshers, women getting back to work after motherhood or mid-career professionals looking to follow their dream.

Some like ThanksForTheHelp allow freelancers on board. You may be required to be a little flexible regarding work-hours and shifts but instead you will gain a highly motivated team. Another requirement is the ability to multi-task since as a start-up, your venture might require a writer to pitch in with public relations while a coder may have to some number-crunching too. Continue reading “Top Business Challenges for Start-ups”