Ways To Reduce Your Outgoings

Everyone is always looking at ways to reduce how much they are spending and what they are spending money on. If you are on a fixed income, then it is important to cut back and reduce your outgoings as much as possible.

When you reduce how much you spend every month, you allow yourself to slowly but surely build up a savings buffer that will cover you for any unexpected bills or events that may crop up in the future. Continue reading “Ways To Reduce Your Outgoings”

Another Mysterious Banker Death…

deathJoseph P Farrell – There has been another mysterious banker suicide, and if you’ve been following that story over the last few years, this one will interest you; the story was spotted and passed along by A.S. (to whom a big thank you). I’ve written a great number of blogs about this theme, which you can access on the website by searching for “banker deaths”. In this case, the banker death in question is that of the well-known French investment manager  Charles de Vaulx:

Legendary Value Manager Charles de Vaulx Found Dead

Note the following:

Charles de Vaulx, the renowned value investor and co-founder of International Value Advisers, died in an apparent suicide on Monday afternoon, leaving the asset-management industry in shock. Continue reading “Another Mysterious Banker Death…”

Armstrong Says Election Panic Coming in 2022 [Video]

ArmstrongGreg Hunter – According to a recent poll, 51% of Americans think Joe Biden cheated to get into the White House.  The breakdown is 74% Republicans and an astounding 30% Democrats think cheating played at least a part of the 2020 Election outcome.  In Arizona, the 2020 Election ballots are finally being audited as court battles to stop it continue.

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong is predicting an election “panic in 2022.”  Armstrong explains, “It means extremely high volatility.  Despite whatever they want to say, there is a large proportion of the population that do not believe the election.

Polls are saying it’s at 51%, but it’s probably close to 60% or 70%.  You are also seeing that 60% of Americans want a third party, and you are talking about Democrats and Republicans. . . . I think because we have such a high number of people who do not trust the election results, I don’t think they are going to be able to get away with rigging the elections again.  It’s going to turn into violence.  There is no question about that.” Continue reading “Armstrong Says Election Panic Coming in 2022 [Video]”

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

payment gatewayFor many people and businesses, cryptocurrencies have become quite the game-changer. These digital currencies powered by blockchain technology present a new, more sufficient way of facilitating transactions between companies and consumers. Perhaps the most significant merit of using cryptocurrencies is leveraging their decentralized nature.

What this means is that there is no central authority that is in charge of distributing these cryptos. Instead, cryptocurrencies are mined online through complex processes. For this reason, there are no go-betweens when making transactions, which immensely reduces transaction costs and delays. Even so, while this decade-old innovation is a step in the right direction for businesses, setting up a crypto payment system can be an uphill task for entrepreneurs. Continue reading “Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway”

Want To Protect Your Income From Taxes? Consider These Tips

LLM in taxYou can think of taxes as a “subscription fee” paid by citizens to the state/government. In return, the government promises its citizens healthcare, infrastructure, education, and security. The technicalities surrounding taxation continue to remain a political challenge in all countries.

Some countries levy high tax rates while others may become tax-free havens for the corrupt. Regardless, wherever one lives, there are local, state, and federal laws that determine the amount of tax one should be paying on her/his income.

Higher income should equal higher taxes, right? Not necessarily. It is an open secret that the rich pay less taxes than ordinary working-class citizens. Wealthy Americans often joke about how they pay less in taxes than their secretaries or other employees. However, before assuming that all wealthy individuals are tax-evaders or involved in unlawful practices, educating oneself on the subject can help understand tax management better.

Continue reading “Want To Protect Your Income From Taxes? Consider These Tips”