Trump’s War on the Fed

infrastructureEllen Brown – President Trump has stepped up his criticism of the Federal Reserve, saying of its aggressive interest rate hikes that it has “gone crazy.” The same charge has been leveled against Trump, but there may be a method to his madness . . . .

October was a brutal month for the stock market. After the Fed’s eighth interest rate hike on September 26th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 2,000 points and the NASDAQ had its worst month in nearly 10 years. After the Dow lost more than 800 points on October 10th and the S&P 500 suffered its first week long losing streak since Trump’s election, the president said, “I think the Fed is making a mistake.

They are so tight. I think the Fed has gone crazy.” In a later interview on Fox News, he called the Fed’s rate hikes “loco.” And in a Wall Street Journal interview published on October 24th, Trump said he thought the biggest risk to the economy was the Federal Reserve, because “interest rates are being raised too quickly.” He also criticized the Fed and its chairman in July and August.   Continue reading “Trump’s War on the Fed”

Trump Blaming Fed for Next Market Crash [Video]

jandaGreg Hunter – Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says everybody in Washington knows the next big crash is right around the corner. It’s been 10 years since the Fed reflated the last meltdown, and Dr. Janda says President Trump is already blaming the Federal Reserve for killing the economy that his policies revived.

Dr. Janda explains, “President Trump has been pointing the finger at the Fed. He’s been pointing the finger at the Fed, and that is exactly where he should be pointing. The globalist syndicate’s tentacle is the central banking system, and, in particular, in the United States, the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is one of the entities that is directly responsible for this financial mess our country is currently in. You would never see Obama or the Bushes, or Bill Clinton, point at the Fed and say what Trump has said. Trump said, ‘I think the Fed has gone crazy. I think the Fed is making a mistake. They’re so tight with interest rates. I think the Fed has gone crazy.’ Just the other day, Trump said, ‘My biggest threat is the Fed. . . . The Fed is raising rates too fast, and it’s too independent.’ Continue reading “Trump Blaming Fed for Next Market Crash [Video]”

KARMA! Bankruptcy Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Avenatti

AvenattiSean Adl-Tabatabai – Michael Avenatti is having a very bad week. Not only has he lost his client’s case against President Trump, but now he has been hit with a restraining order because he owes millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.

A federal bankruptcy judge issued a restraining order late Wednesday to block Avenatti’s law firm from spending any fees it collects while it owes over $10 million in unpaid debts and taxes.

The Los Angeles Times reports: The move by Judge Catherine Bauer of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Santa Ana was a severe blow to Avenatti, whose personal financial troubles have deepened as his star has risen on cable news. Continue reading “KARMA! Bankruptcy Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Avenatti”

How to Crush the Gold Cartel

circulationPaul Rosenberg – I have friends who are convinced that a cartel is manipulating the gold and silver markets. I have other friends who disagree, but today I’ll hang with the former. And they plead a good case, with there being 100 times more paper gold than physical and a small group in full control of daily price setting… among other things.

Accordingly, many holders of gold and silver go on about breaking this cartel, even though nothing ever really changes.

Today, however, I’m going to tell everyone exactly how to break the cartel. I’m not sure how many people will take it to heart – there are easier “solutions” being thrown at them all the time – but I’m going to explain it all the same. Each holder of metals can do with it as he or she wishes.

The Simple Plan

If you want to crush the cartel, there’s one simple thing that must be done. Here it is: Continue reading “How to Crush the Gold Cartel”

Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret [Video]

Skidmore Greg Hunter – Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore made a stunning discovery late last year. Using publicly available government accounting reports, he revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The data he used has been scrubbed, all accounting records are heavily redacted and now the federal government has declared its accounting falls under “national security.” Dr. Skidmore can no longer get the government to respond. Dr. Skidmore explains, “At this point, they are no longer responding to any of my inquiries. They are just not answering, and that is very astounding . . . and you can go on and look at the report yourself and see all of it blacked out.

Continue reading “Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret [Video]”