Understanding the IRS Audit Process and How to Deal With It

Did you know that the IRS chose about one million tax returns to audit in 2018? While anybody can face an audit, your chances rise if you claim zero income or earn a very high amount.

If you recently got notified you’re being audited, you might feel anxious that you’ll need to deal with an IRS agent in person and get in a lot of trouble. But the reality is that the IRS audit process most often takes place through the mail and involves submitting documentation and simply paying what you owe.

Read on and we’ll tell you what happens when the IRS audits you and what you should do. Continue reading “Understanding the IRS Audit Process and How to Deal With It”

Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Contrary to several common myths, it is possible to improve your credit score in less than a year. Many falsehoods circulate around this topic, primarily based on outdated information that applies to the way scores worked decades ago.

In the past, namely the 1950s, 60’s and 70’s, bureaus operated in a much different way. In addition to being much more secretive than they are now, they didn’t update scores frequently. So, if you had bad or fair credit, you needed to wait at least a year or two before the numbers changed.

Nowadays, with a little effort and perseverance, virtually anyone can boost their scores. It’s important to realize that the process is still slow. Even in the best of situations, expect to wait at least and month or two before seeing a score change after taking action. Consumer counselors typically advise their clients with fair to poor ratings to use the following techniques to improve scores. Continue reading “Ways to Improve Your Credit Score”

How A Buyers Agent Helps You Find A Property

The work of a buyers real estate agent is to offer their services to those who wish to sell or buy homes. The offices of these agents can be found in almost every city in your area, depending on the scale and reach of their buyers as well as the services they offer.

The real estate market is very volatile and highly fragmented when it comes to agent and there are several buyers out there that need them to find out more information about a certain property market segment.

Availing of their services

If you are contemplating on buying a property, it is vital that you get a buyers agent to help you. This is because agents have unique information about the property that you want or need to buy. Continue reading “How A Buyers Agent Helps You Find A Property”

Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs [Video]

economyGreg Hunter – On the surface, everything looks to be going swimmingly for the U.S. economy. The rest of the world may not be doing as well as the U.S., but according to the legacy financial media, there is no real trouble being reported. Below the surface, warning signs abound that the economy is in trouble now.

One of the biggest warning signs is coming from the repo market that provides lending to financial institutions. Since mid-September, the Fed has been getting increasingly involved with providing funding as the banks that provided it in the past simply do not trust the other banks. Continue reading “Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs [Video]”

We’re Here To Foreclose, Your Direct Deposit Didn’t Go …

Federal ReserveJoseph P Farrell – C.V. found this one and passed it along, and a big thank you for doing so, for I suspect we might be looking at the next scam. But more of that in a moment when we get to today’s high octane speculation.

The story concerns a shut-down of the US Fed’s direct deposit system late last year:

Direct Deposits Across America Hang After Fed’s ACH Payment System Suffers Major Disruption

The headlines say it all: there was another glitch ex machina in the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House system: Continue reading “We’re Here To Foreclose, Your Direct Deposit Didn’t Go …”